December 24, 2021

Top 5 Myths About Digital Transformation

Sam Caucci

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Embracing technology can be a vital part of your organization’s growth, but there are a lot of senior professionals out there who can be a bit apprehensive when it comes to this new age of digital transformation. These assumptions can prevent coaches and leaders from fully embracing and getting the most out of digital strategies in the workplace. Here, we will debunk the top 5 myths associated with digital transformation so you can proceed with confidence and do what’s right for your organization’s future. 

1. Digital transformation will break the bank.

One of the most important concerns when making any changes in business is how it will impact the budget. Digital transformation can be a daunting task so it’s also typically associated with spending big. However, for a digital transformation it is more important to think about how money is spent rather than how much is spent. 

For example, subscribing to cloud-based technologies and subscription-based services are two of the greatest enablers of digital transformation. Plus, they are affordable. Businesses of any size are able to use them without going over budget. 

2. Digital transformation is not relevant for smaller companies. 

Sometimes the benefits of using digital technology can be unclear for small businesses. But going through a digital transformation can help a young company grow by making it more discoverable. Plus, as more flexible work schedules become commonplace, accommodating employees who want to clock in remotely or work outside of regular hours can easily be done using cloud-based technologies. This means that technology can create endless possibilities for small businesses to benefit from. 

3. Digital transformation will cause employees to leave. 

Some managers are afraid that digital transformation will either reduce the need for experienced workers or existing staff will not be able to cope with the changes and new processes that come along with the new technology. But this is not necessarily true. 

While it’s true that one of the most challenging parts of digital transformation is softening the effects of change within your teams, there are ways that you can make things less frustrating by managing these changes well. To keep your teams happy and healthy, make sure that your transformations remain transparent.

Check-in with your employees frequently and try to understand your employees’ pain points. Speak with them one-on-one so that you can actually have a good understanding of how you can help them alleviate stress. 

4. Digital transformation only makes a difference for those who work in tech and IT.

Most senior managers don’t understand the capabilities of digital technology which makes them unaware of the benefits that it can have for their business. Some think that the digital world only applies to the technology and IT sectors. However, we know that it is very useful in a majority of other industries, and will have an impact on them all eventually. 

For example, take radio frequency identification (RFID) bands. They are frequently used in the travel and tourism industry as hotel room keys, ride tickets, or as methods of payment. 

5. Digital transformation should wait until you are completely ready to start your transformation journey.

If you’re waiting for the perfect moment to begin your digital transformation, then you might be waiting forever. The pandemic and The Great Resignation have left the workforce in a constant state of change as 2021 comes to a close. By waiting for things to settle, you might miss the opportunity to capitalize on a change that your company needs to be successful in the coming years. 

Launching a customer-centric digital transformation strategy, which is driven by transparency and also keeps employee satisfaction in mind will succeed at any time, no matter what the external circumstances are. Try hard to resist the pull to fall back into old ways of thinking, and instead focus your energy on your executive team to create a strategy that is designed to meet your needs moving forward. 

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