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Fighting for every worker.

Raising up all workers is not just about a paycheck or a job; it is about giving everybody that is willing to work hard a fair shot. Below, is an outline of the key tenants of our plan that will RAISE every worker:


Reskill workers in COVID-19 impacted jobs and industries; this includes individuals who have lost their jobs, work in changed environments and those who are starting new jobs.

A real focus on reskilling

The U.S. spends only 0.1% of GDP on programs that help people adjust to workplace changes. The number has fallen over the last 30 years.

Respond quickly

We have too many 20th century solutions to 21st century problems.

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Lost their job due to COVID-19

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of all U.S.workers lack digital skills

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Based on their Largest Global Study of the Future of Work

“Jobs of the future require creativity and the ability to learn quickly. Organizations need to get much better and fast at developing people.”
—Gallup Study, “It’s the Manager”


Align companies, education providers, public workforce divisions and community organizations to form a network of “21st Century Industry Partnerships”.

Make digital skills important

31% of all U.S. workers lack digital skills (41 million workers).

Partnerships that work

Congress should invest in partnerships between industry and education providers.


Invest in future of work infrastructure that leverages technology to reach workers – regardless of tenure or job title – with a specific focus on our most vulnerable workers.

Incentivize businesses to move faster

Only 2 in 5 HR leaders are redesigning jobs to prepare for the future of work.

The future of work is now

47% of American jobs at risk of robot takeover and another 19% face a medium level of risk.

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President Bill Clinton on competition

“Our people compete in a world where what you can earn depends largely on what you can learn.”
—President Bill Clinton


Support a worker’s freedom to learn and upskill anytime, anywhere.

Lift up every worker

“Knowledge discrimination” exists because what you know is valued based on where you learned it, not how well you know it or can apply it.

Let worker’s choose

Enhanced distance learning is essential for adults that can be “dollar poor”, but even more “time poor”.

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of American jobs at risk of robot takeover

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of employees say the company should be responsible for retraining

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Words from poet, Margaret Atwood

“Better never means better for everyone; it always means worse for some.”
—Margaret Atwood


Eliminate discrimination that restricts a worker’s ability to fairly compete, acquire new skills and access training opportunities.

Rising inequality makes talent spotting harder

Some companies are not lowering the ceiling they are raising the floor.

20 million households have no internet

Digital divide has a direct impact on our most vulnerable workers.

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