is Broken.

Most training doesn’t work. Employees forget 70% of what they learn within just 3 days when using traditional methods. It’s not enough.

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Peter Brown

Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

“The central part of learning is interrupting forgetting. A recent study of a forgetting curve showed that 70% of what we learn is forgotten immediately and the next 30% slowly over time.”


3 Keys to make it stick

1. Struggle

Research proves that struggle is critical to the learning process. Increasing difficulty drives stronger retention potential.

2. Variation

Mix it up! Varying content results in stronger encoding (and, therefore better recall when it matters most).

3. Competition

Dopamine is a powerful driver of the memory building process. It must be present if you want to build habits that stick.

Training is broken.

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83% increase

Companies using 1Huddle saw an 83% increase in
performance over existing tools.

We found that there are two ways to use 1Huddle to boost memory and performance in workers.


Option 1:
Games + Training

Research proves that using 1Huddle alongside existing training methods (video, classroom, etc.) results in stronger knowledge retention and performance.

Option 2:
instead of training

It’s not even close! Research proves that using 1Huddle is a more effective way of deploying new information, communication and training.

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