November 30, 2023

Revolutionizing Learning: Game-Based Alternatives to Legacy LMS

Dana Bernardino

Let’s talk about shaking up the world of corporate training.

You know those traditional learning management systems (LMS)? Yeah, they’re kind of like that old, dusty textbook you found in the back of your closet. Functional, but not exactly exciting. Enter the game-changer: 1Huddle. We’re turning learning into an addictive game. Literally.

Old-School LMS? Yawn…

First things first. Traditional LMS is like watching paint dry. It’s passive, it’s linear, and let’s face it, it’s boring. This is a problem because dull equals forgettable. And forgettable is not what you want in training.

Plus, one-size-fits-all? That’s so last century. Today’s workforce is diverse, dynamic, and doesn’t want to be put in a box.

1Huddle to the Rescue

Now, here’s where 1Huddle slides in with a cape and saves the day. We’ve got this whole game-based learning scene figured out.

Why 1Huddle?

  1. Engagement Level: Superhero: Games are fun, engaging, and addictive. That’s why 1Huddle’s approach keeps learners hooked and learning.
  2. Remember Stuff Better: Games make you an active participant. You play, you learn, and boom – you remember.
  3. Custom-Tailored Learning: 1Huddle gets you. It customizes content so it’s just right for you. It’s like having a personal trainer for your brain.
  4. Instant Feedback: Made a mistake? No sweat. Instant feedback means you learn and adjust on the fly.
  5. Learn Anywhere, Anytime: With 1Huddle, you can train in your PJs at 3 AM if that’s your thing. It’s all about flexibility and convenience.
  6. Data is King: 1Huddle loves data. It means they can track how you’re doing and help you get even better.

What’s Next in Training?

The future’s all about getting with the times.

Traditional LMS is out. Engaging, flexible, and fun learning is in. 1Huddle is leading the charge, making sure workers gets the training they need, in a way they’ll actually enjoy.

For Everyone Worker

Got a diverse team? Great! 1Huddle caters to all employees from full-time to frontline.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The world’s changing fast. With 1Huddle, your training can keep up. New skills? No problem. They’re on top of it, so you can be too.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it. The era of boring training is over. 1Huddle is making learning fun, personal, and super effective. It’s not just training; it’s an experience.

Ready to play?

About 1Huddle

1Huddle is a coaching and development platform that uses quick-burst mobile games to more quickly and effectively educate, elevate, and energize your workforce — from frontline to full-time.

With a mobile-first approach to preparing the modern worker, a mobile library of 3,000+ quick-burst employee skill games, an on-demand game marketplace that covers 16 unique workforce skill areas, and the option for personalized content, 1Huddle is changing the way organizations think about their training – from a one-time boring onboarding experience to a continuous motivational tool. 

Key clients include Loews Hotels, Novartis, Madison Square Garden, PIMCO, TAO Group, and the United States Air Force. To learn more about 1Huddle and its platform, please visit

Dana Bernardino, Manager of Digital Marketing at 1Huddle

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