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We can launch your organization’s complete training program in minutes. And, for large enterprises, we are live in less than 7 days. That’s fast.

All platforms. You can play on iOS, Android, tablet, browser, desktop…get the point?

“It’s training that doesn’t suck.” Watch the rest on CNBC’s Squawk Box here

Yep! Our clients can customize to their brand (logos, etc.) to make their platform match their culture.

Yes and yes. You’ll have access to our Manager Dashboard to quickly create your own games on any type of content.

We don’t like to name names. But…Cornerstone, SAP SuccessFactors, Coursera, QStream, Docebo, and a bunch of others whose names we can’t even pronounce.

Nothing. Most of our clients moved their stuff over from LMS. 

Easy. Whether it’s in your LMS or in a manual under your desk, we got you. At launch, our support team will convert any content over to 1Huddle so we can get started, now. 

Hell yeah. 😎

Not hours, minutes! Unlike other learning platforms, with 1Huddle you can create your games in minutes using our Mobile Game Builder. 

No. It’s also used for ongoing training for companies that have to train up their employees quickly on new training.

87% of what you train on is lost within 30 days of training completion. We didn’t say that…Harvard Business Review did. Plus, only 10.3% of companies have a training program with measurable results. We say that…because we asked.

None. We have 1,000’s of pre-built games on all types of topics. Think Netflix, but games.

Yep. It’s easy and we set everything up. Set it and forget it. Trust us, your employees will beg you to turn more games on.

Of course. From HIPAA to ServSafe, to OSHA, and more. Clients use us to deliver the important (and required) training all day long.

We fight for every worker. At 1Huddle, 11% of all revenue goes back into our community to support vulnerable workers that need it most. We thank our clients that make this possible.

"1Huddle Helped us close more sales."

Brendan Long, Vice President of Sales at Madison Square Garden

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