all work and no play makes employees say "Bye bye"

Turn anything your team needs to know into deceptively simple, highly effective mobile games proven to level up workers quickly.

All your training.

In a game.

On your phone.

Level up your workforce using science-backed, quick-burst mobile games — built for sales and service teams — proven to increase revenue and 5-star reviews.


1,000's of games.


Established enterprise companies save time with 1Huddle by accessing our Game Shop with proven training topics across 16 different job skill areas, including:



87% of what you learn you forget within 30 days. Not on 1Huddle. Want to see why leaders in cognitive psychology and learning science trust us?


By The Numbers

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How it Works

You can get your employees ready, faster — and without the headaches. Launch a quick-burst training game in just a few easy steps…

1. Create a new game in minutes

Managers love how easy it is to build a game. Using our proprietary game builder you can turn any course, training, learning module, video or manual into quick-burst skill game that your workers can play instantly.

2. Anytime, Anywhere

Games are quick and easy to play. Our mobile app (for iOS and Android) let's your workers compete whenever they want in a variety of game formats (single player and multiplayer) and game lengths (single level and multilevel).

3. Run real-time

Managers can view real-time performance data, reward top players and identify knowledge gaps for future training. Our reports and analytics dashboard allow top managers to see global performance by player, game, location, department and company.

Game Shop


We've donated over $1 million in platforms and services to our community of nonprofits, associations, and critically important programs.

Our biggest fans

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us.

"We launched more training in the first 6 months with 1Huddle than we did in 3 years with our last tool."

Joan Hays, Vice President of Sales Learning & Development at Broadridge

"The more gaming time a spa logged, the more money it made."

Jarred Fajerski, SVP of North American Operations at Hand & Stone Massage

"Once I saw 1Huddle...I couldn't see it any other way."

Joan Hays, Vice President of Sales Learning & Development at Broadridge

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