1Huddle is proud to support the public sector and its constituents. Whether preparing for battle or preparing for work, 1Huddle serves DoD and public workforce initiatives with games on:

U.S. Air Force & NaVy + 1HUDDLE

1Huddle is proud to partner with the United States Air Force Special Operations Command & United States Navy Special Operations command to transform human performance for their warfighters. Gamifying nutrition, recovery, fitness programming, mental health strength and more. We are helping optimize the most important qualities of life to help power the future of our military:

Gamify Training and Communication

Using 1Huddle’s AI backbone, SOC leaders are converting material from legacy DoD systems like moodle and blackboard into quick-burst mobile games.

Create Competition

Transforming new recruit classroom education, textbooks, tests and quizzes into highly measurable and engaging competitions.

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Of users choose 1Huddle over legacy systems

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Increase in knowledge retention in 78% less training time

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1Huddle helps the U.S. Air Force fire up their workforce

“We’re proud to support our veterans and active-duty military.”
—Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO, 1Huddle


1Huddle launched to the workforce development division in the State of Texas in partnership with Metrix Learning. The State of Texas uses 1Huddle for:

Labor and Workforce Development

Professional development tools like business etiquette, being an effective team member, leadership, and sales and customer service best practices.

Career and Job Placement

Virtual career fairs, interview prep, resume-building, and games on leading hiring brands.

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Texas gets in the game

“I never miss a game. I play every day.”
—Player, State of Texas


Prepare the next generation of workers across your community, state or local government. The City of Newark uses 1Huddle for:

Labor and Workforce Development

Games for career test prep (i.e. CASAS, TABE), job readiness, and technical training (i.e. CDL, police/fire).

Career and Job Placement

From virtual career fairs to interview prep we’re changing the game for jobs.

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Knowledge retained

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The City of Newark is leveling up

“Through programs like 1Huddle, we’re strengthening the prosperity of all our residents.”
—Ras J. Baraka, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey

A dashboard for you to take control.

Everything you would expect to manage users, games and reports.

AI to Identify Skill Gaps

Our Predictive Learning algorithm automatically increases question difficulty to close skill gaps faster.

Reports to Know What’s Up

Run reports on top managers and see how each is performing.

In The News

The future of work is here! 1Huddle is the #1 employee performance platform featured on Squawk Box, Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, and more. See how 1Huddle is helping leading brands stay ready.

Daily News

It’s not often companies can claim that its workforce actually looked forward to training days…

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Check out our CEO, Sam Caucci, on CNBC’s Squawk Box with Mr. Wonderful discussing gamification and the workforce.

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Yahoo! Finance

1Huddle CEO, Sam Caucci, featured on Yahoo! Finance talking 1Huddle and how we are “shaking up job training!”

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