Turn workplace training into a game with 1Huddle.

87% of what employees learn is forgotten within 30 days. Not with 1Huddle. See how our science-backed, quick-burst mobile games will take your team’s skill and engagement to another level.

It Just Works

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"1Huddle Helped us close more sales."

Brendan Long, Vice President of Sales at Madison Square Garden

How it Works

You can learn anything in a game. See how you can get your employees ready, faster — and without the headaches. Launch a quick-burst training game in just a few easy steps…

1. Create a new game in minutes

Managers love how easy it is to build a game using our proprietary game builder.

2. Play, Anywhere

Games are quick and easy to play. Employees can play anytime, anywhere with our mobile app.

3. Reward the

Managers can view real-time performance data, reward top players and identify knowledge gaps for future training.


In a game.

On your phone.

Level up your workforce using science-backed, quick-burst mobile games — built for sales and service teams — proven to increase revenue and 5-star reviews.

1,000's of games.


Established enterprise companies save time with 1Huddle by accessing our Game Shop with proven training topics across 16 different job skill areas, including:

The game never ends.

Are you serious about employee development? With 1Huddle you can design a 52-week a year program that puts employee development on auto-pilot with year-round career pathways for every worker.


Tony Daddabbo, Director of Training at TAO Group

You probably have some questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

How long does it take to launch?

We can launch your organization’s complete training program in minutes. And, for large enterprises, we are live in less than 7 days. That’s fast.

How many hours does it take to build a game?

Not hours, minutes! Unlike other learning platforms, with 1Huddle you can create your games in minutes using our Mobile Game Builder.

How do I play?

All platforms. You can play on iOS, Android, tablet, browser, desktop…get the point?

Is it only a great tool for onboarding?

No. It’s also used for ongoing training for companies that have to train up their employees quickly on new training.

What can my team learn from a game?​


Can I custom brand my platform?

Yes! Our clients can add their branding and logos to make their platform complete for their culture.

Why does most job training fail?​

87% of what you train on is lost within 30 days of training completion. We didn’t say that…Harvard Business Review did. Plus, only 10.3% of companies have a training program with measurable results. We say that…because we asked.

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