1Huddle for Restaurants

1HUDDLE FOR Restaurants.

From FOH to BOH, 1Huddle is at the heart of restaurant innovation. Whether you’re a small multi-unit or a multinational powerhouse, 1Huddle’s built to serve your team with games to:


FB Society’s Sixty Vines is a casual New American kitchen & wine bar chain operating in Texas, Florida and Tennessee. The team at Sixty Vines uses 1Huddle for:

New Server Onboarding

In addition to shadowing veteran servers, new hires play a 5-day series of games to get up to speed even faster.

Wine Knowledge

The team’s sommelier game series takes team members on a tour of wine regions, varietals and tasting notes

Brand and Product Knowledge

Games on quarterly menu innovation, allergens and sustainability initiatives ensure the team stays on point.


Days to launch

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Cut in onboarding time

Featured customer

Sixty Vines is leveling up

“1Huddle is more engaging and addictive than anything I've ever seen in the industry.”
—George Donahue, Director of Training at Sixty Vines

Dog Haus + 1Huddle

Dog Haus is a craft-casual 35 location franchise brand operating in 17 states. The team at Dog Haus uses 1Huddle for:

New Store Openings

Supporting new franchisees with all initial and ongoing training, including SOPs, menu ingredients, reputation management and more.

LTO and Concept Launches

During COVID, the team rolled out 3 new pop-up concepts with a wide range of LTOs, increasing sales and customer counts.

ServSafe and Compliance Training

Team members use 1Huddle for required health and safety trainings, enabling them to assess comprehension at an individual employee level.

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Increase in knowledge retention


Days to launch

Featured customer

1Huddle helps Dog Haus elevate their workforce

“We're the busiest our company has ever been, our sales are up 15%, we've cut costs tremendously...and all we use is 1Huddle”
—Hagop Giragossian, Owner at Dog Haus


The Doral Yard is a hub for community and culture in Downtown Doral, just outside of Miami, FL. This music, entertainment and F&B venue uses 1Huddle for:

Team-Wide Education For On-Site Food Vendors

Doral Yard partners with local craft food vendors to executive on-site food food service and provides their team members with training on vendors’ rotating offers.

Spirits Knowledge and Service

The team has created multi-level games to progress bar staff through recipes and service standards.

Culture and Values

As a community hub, the Doral Yard team prides itself on making sure everyone on the team knows and acts out its values.

Featured customer

1Huddle helps The Doral Yard fire up their workforce

“People are starting to really notice a difference since we launched 1Huddle, especially our customers. We’re getting feedback from customers that are saying our servers seem more knowledgeable and professional, so these games are going to continue to be a critical piece for us moving forward.”
—Julie Frans, COO at The Doral Yard

A dashboard for you to take control.

Everything you would expect to manage users, games and reports.

AI to Identify Skill Gaps

Our Predictive Learning algorithm automatically increases question difficulty to close skill gaps faster.

Reports to Know What’s Up

Run reports on top managers and see how each is performing.

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