1Huddle to Launch New Products

Business moves too fast…
we got you.

Are you in charge of marketing or communicating new product releases? See how leading brands use 1Huddle to keep their team up-to-speed with games for:

Marketing memos, communication and alerts

Product announcements

Limited time offers (LTO’s)

Pricing changes

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Quickly get employees

Meet your employees where they are with updated info.

Easy Access

Save all your manuals, videos and modules for employees to quickly access.

Customized to your brand

Every game platform is customized to your brand.

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Days to launch


Increase in knowledge retention

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Keep employees

“We chose 1Huddle over LMS.”
—Hagop Giragossian, Partner & Co-Founder at Dog Haus

Forget email…
create a game.

Struggling to get employees to read your latest email or are you unsure what they remember from that last team meeting? Then here you go…

All of your stuff…in a game

Employees learn faster by playing quick-burst games on topics critical to closing more sales.

Leaderboards to prove who is ready

Daily rankings create competition and encourage high-levels of consistent gameplay.

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Fox Business
Good Day NY
Yahoo Finance
Le Monde
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Lots of games
to choose from.

Pick from our vast game shop or create your own games in minutes.

Any topic. In a game. On-demand.

Best-selling nonfiction books, seminars, workshops from elite partners, transformed into quick-burst games your team can be playing in minutes.

300+ games across 16 workforce skill areas.

It’s time to level up your game library and your workforce.

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1Huddle helps Loews fire up
their workforce

“All of a sudden, people are playing the game multiple times a day to rack up points to get to the top of the leaderboard.”
—Lauren Constable, VP of Operations

We have a dashboard for you to take

It’s everything you would expect to manage users, games and reports.

AI to identify knowledge gaps

Our Predictive Learning algorithm automatically increases question difficulty to each training experience effective.

Reports to know what’s up

Run reports on employees to identify what topics need further attention and follow-on training.



Increase in knowledge retention


Voluntary participation

Featured customer ...

1Huddle helps Loews
fire up their workforce

“People are playing multiple times a day
to get to the top.”
—Lauren Constable, VP of Operations

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