September 02, 2021

Ways to Appeal to Modern Workers

Sam Caucci

Today’s modern worker has different interests, habits and attention spans. If you want to see high engagement levels from your employees, you’ll need to have an employee training program that plays in their ballpark.

Today’s modern workers are very different from those who came before them. Modern workers have consistent access to new information at all times. They are able to satisfy their needs because of their unlimited access to the internet and other resources available online. Unfortunately, along with this sheer amount of accessible information there comes some challenges. 

Traits that Define the Modern Worker

Let’s take a look at some of the traits and characteristics that apply to the workers of today. 

Social Learners

Modern workers are used to being online on social media platforms, using digital apps and learning best through collaboration. Studies show that social media increases the hormones associated with enjoyment and at the same time decreases the hormones associated with stress. 

Modern workers enjoy sharing their ideas and knowledge with others in their community. A majority of them admit that they are able to process information better and more thoroughly when they share it. They believe that learning from others is highly valuable and they enjoy participating in social learning activities. They also find that reading other individuals’ responses helps them to understand information and process events better. 

This means it will be important for you as a leader to build and give them access to professional networks in order for them to obtain relevant information about their industries and jobs. 

Always On-The-Move

Modern workers use their familiarity with technology to access new learning opportunities whenever and wherever they need them. Smart mobile devices are now the standard way of accessing information anywhere you are. Modern workers often choose to learn away from where they work, maybe when they are commuting or on their lunch break or when they are waiting for a work meeting to begin. 


Modern workers understand that they are in a fiercely competitive environment. Job postings will usually receive hundreds of applications. This drives modern workers to be more self-motivated. Researchers reveal that they are eager to take their own future into their hands, shaping it into what they want, establishing their own identities and what sets them apart both professionally and personally. 

In general, they want to be a self-starter when it comes to improving their job performance or help themselves fill in any skill gaps. When it comes to learning, they will usually take the initiative themselves. Research has shown that these individuals are willing to pay for their own learning and development using their own money when formal opportunities are no longer available. 

So with all of that being said, how can you make your employee training and development programs appeal to the modern-day worker?

Appealing to the Modern Worker

To make your employee training and onboarding stand out to modern workers, you will need to consider their traits and match them up with the appropriate learning approaches. 


Microlearning continues to climb up the ranks in popularity when it comes to delivering knowledge. It is one of the most ideal ways to engage and appeal to modern workers. Research shows that microlearning increases employee engagement by at least 50%. Microlearning helps you break your training content down into bite-sized pieces that are delivered using spaced repetition in order to boost retention. 

This “microcontent” is specially designed using clear and concise microlearning outcomes. It should also align with both your company’s and the modern workers’ learning objectives. 


Gamification is the practice of applying game mechanics to non-game environments in order to make boring tasks more appealing. Using game elements such as points, levels and leaderboards, help to make ordinary tasks more fun and interactive for modern workers. 

Gamification also boosts engagement, like microlearning, by helping leverage the modern worker’s desire for improving their status, gaining achievements and participating in friendly competition. Thus, it should be included as part of a social learning environment complete with gaming features. 

Gamification has also been proven to release hormones associated with enjoyment because it offers an immediate reward. This helps give training material an addictive quality which can contribute to significantly positive training outcomes. 

Mobile Learning

Modern workers often learn at their own pace and on their own time. This can come at short notice and occur in different locations. This is why it’s so important for them to be able to access training whenever and wherever they are. People spend an average of 3 hours per day on their mobile devices. Therefore, optimizing employee learning experiences for use on a mobile device is essential. 

With the use of mobile learning, the modern worker can access learning materials at any time, any place, and most importantly when they need it. 

Research shows that about 67% of organizations use mobile-based learning for their employee training programs. Given the many benefits that mobile learning can provide, and the prevalence of modern workers in the workforce, there is no doubt that mobile learning will soon become the norm. 

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Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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