January 12, 2023

Resolutions for Top Brands in 2023

Dani Cahn

A Brand New Year…

At 1Huddle, we’re always thinking about how we can coach up our customers, and the larger trends impacting the industry at large. 

As 1Huddle Founder and CEO Sam Caucci said in his holiday message, 2023 is shaping up to be a year where serious brands are going to have to really decide what’s important to them.

With just over 24 hours left in 2022, as I began to think through my own resolutions, I began to wonder: Do brands make resolutions? Anf, if so, what New Year’s resolutions brands should be considering?

What might they commit to doing differently, now, that could make the difference next year?

So, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, I sat down (virtually) with three of my favorite in-house experts –  1Huddle Chief of Staff Brianna Hernandez, Rose Moncada of Customer Success, and Jaymie Matilsky of Sales– to ask what they’d observed, and what they’d advise.

One of the hardest things, I think, is teaching other people how to coach– but that’s what Bri and Rose do everyday as a part of their work with our Customer Success team. They know what it means to sit in the trenches with top brands, help leadership set goals, and diagnose, with surgical precision, corporate cultures that will set even the best organizations back. 

And, while Jaymie is one of our newest team members, she’s a veteran sales professional whose deep understanding of organizational psychology is only broadened by her previous work in cyber security and behavioral sciences.

What follows is a transcript of our conversation, edited for clarity and length.

So! It’s been a crazy year, with labor, competition, guests, recessions– some things brands can  control  and some things they can’t. 

What should brands be prepared to tackle in 2023?  Where they can make the biggest impact? 

Jaymie Matilsky: Brands are so focused on providing a great customer experience,  but they need to remember that none of that happens without creating a great employee experience. 

Brianna Hernandez: Absolutely. To that end, they need to be setting goals on how their employees can level-up. And leveling up needs to have real meaning– promotion!

Rose Moncado: Based on my conversations with clients, I think a lot of companies are rethinking the way they use the tools in their tech deck when it comes to giving opportunities and promoting.

Interesting. Rose, can you tell me more about that? 

RM: Sure! Based on my conversations with clients, I’ve been really impressed by their evolving use of our platform. For example, Life Alive is now using 1Huddle to provide a line of sight into who is playing, and putting in that work to level-up. 

Employees that want to get promoted, they have to demonstrate that they’ve played a certain amount of games. Life Alive uses 1Huddle to establish that track record, and, from there, workers have the opportunity to get certified in that field.

So, we’ve really got three interconnected areas there: the impact of coaching and development on the employee experience which, in turn, heavily impacts customer experience.

JM: And the talent pipeline!

RM: Yep. I know not all platforms can do what we can, but brands have to realize that if their training and development platform doesn’t do that, they don’t have their next manager. They don’t even have open doors for people to have the opportunity to switch departments. 

BH: Right. Brands have got to understand that the content they release should not only be role specific but also skill specific and focusing on developing their team.

Any last thoughts before we turn the page on 2022?

JM: It’s a win-win when brands spend time nurturing employees and customers.You can’t have a great experience for one without a great experience for the other.

About 1Huddle

1Huddle is a coaching and development platform that uses quick-burst mobile games to more quickly and effectively educate, elevate, and energize your workforce — from frontline to full-time.

With a mobile-first approach to preparing the modern worker, a mobile library of 3,000+ quick-burst employee skill games, an on-demand game marketplace that covers 16 unique workforce skill areas, and the option for personalized content, 1Huddle is changing the way organizations think about their training – from a one-time boring onboarding experience to a continuous motivational tool. 

Key clients include Loews Hotels, Novartis, Madison Square Garden, PIMCO, TAO Group, and the United States Air Force. To learn more about 1Huddle and its platform, please visit 1huddle.co.

Dani Cahn, Communications and Creative Development

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