November 08, 2021

Simple Tips and Tricks for Recruitment

Sam Caucci

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Simple Tips and Tricks for Recruitment

Recruiters work hard to find and fight for top talent, and with so many choices out in the job market, this can be quite the challenge. The recruitment process might be simple from the outside, but it involves a lot more than just posting a job and crossing your fingers. A great hiring process is one that is refined and perfected yearly.

Many companies make bad hiring decisions, and this means that they are losing a lot of money on costly mistakes. But not only does it have a negative effect on the bottom line, it also drags down workplace productivity and employee morale. 

While there is no guarantee that you will never make a bad hiring decision, there are several different techniques and ways that you could greatly reduce your risk of picking the wrong candidate while at the same time making sure that you are attracting top talent for your open positions. 

Here are a few tips for hiring  to help give your recruitment process a facelift so you can fine-tune your talent acquisition initiatives.

Always write accurate, detailed and eye-catching job postings.

As with any other job posting, you will need to have a description of the job details and duties somewhere on your website or recruiting site. But did you know that the job description is one of the most important factors when trying to attract top talent? While it might seem like a basic step, many recruiters overlook it. Proofread your job descriptions to make sure that they accurately describe the role and that they are easy and entertaining to read. 

An awesome job posting would be able to describe what the job requires or looks like on a daily basis, and be able to describe accurately what type of candidate would excel in that role. Even making subtle changes like listing out some key job responsibilities can make a big difference and help improve your results. 

Make the application process painless, easy and fun. 

If your job application requires your candidates to painstakingly fill out countless pages of information before they can even get to submitting their resume, then you’re doing it wrong. Chances are, many candidates don’t even make it to the end of it and you lose out on them before they even apply. If you’re looking for a person for the job that is highly skilled, then they most likely have many other employment options in their consideration already.

If you make your application process too complicated or difficult, then your top candidates might just spend their precious time looking elsewhere. And think about it, once they are gone they are probably not likely to come back or recommend your company to their peers or colleagues. Your hiring process needs to be a perfect reflection of your company so be sure that you are showing that you are in tune to your candidates’ needs.

Foster relationships with key prospects.

In many cases hiring managers will meet candidates who don’t fit the role they are looking to fill, but might be a great match for a role in the future. For candidates who fit into this category, you should create a system where you can stay in touch with them. By being able to closely communicate with your key prospects, you can be sure that you have a list of candidate resources to pull from in the future. 

This also helps keep you top of mind for candidates looking for a new career change down the line. This creates a channel where you can send your best potential candidates current job openings and other company announcements that could be relevant to them, to help keep prospects engaged and interested in the opportunities within your company. 

Replace old tools with modern ones.

These days, there are more tools than ever for you to help bolster your sourcing and hiring new employee processes. For example, there is software that allows organizations to host blind interviews. These blind interviews help give an opportunity to judge candidates based solely on their performance rather than how they look, their resume, GPAs or previous relationships. These all combine to form an unconscious bias. 

Unconscious bias during the recruitment and hiring process can prevent candidates who look good on paper to make it into roles where they aren’t the best fit. When it comes to applications, there are many out there that can help you streamline things like writing job descriptions, or even recruit college students for internships.

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Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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