October 13, 2021

How To Recruit Talented Employees

Sam Caucci

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How do you build a world-class team? 

Your organization is only as successful as the people in it, so it’s important to always hire top talent. There are many different ways to hire, but one of the most important aspects of hiring is the development of a strong recruitment process that’s aligned with the goals of your company.

Without a recruitment process, your company will only be able to staff positions when individuals outside the company see your job posting and decide to apply. You would never leave other important aspects of your company at the mercy of others, so why do the same with your hiring?

Today, we’ll discuss what makes a great recruitment strategy, and offer some of our best tips and tricks for recruiting talented employees who are a good fit for your organization.

Why Improve Your Recruitment Strategy?

The importance of a great recruitment strategy stretches far beyond wanting to hire top talent into your organization. Being able to hire well helps ensure the longevity of your business and the long-term success of your projects. When you’re short-staffed, it slows down company growth and decreases your overall efficiency.

It can also frustrate existing staff, who often feel forced to take on extra work while other positions are vacant. According to one survey, 44% of workers feel that they’re already overworked.

And that’s what happens if the position remains unfilled. Hiring the wrong person as the result of a flawed recruitment strategy can be very damaging to your company. It’s hard to estimate the financial cost, but one researcher puts it at approximately $240,000 per employee. 

Having a reliable recruitment strategy ensures a consistent pipeline of qualified candidates, who have already been proactively sought out and nurtured to ensure that they possess the right qualities to perform well during their career path within your company. A good recruitment strategy also ensures that candidates who interview come away with a positive overall experience, leading to more helpful word-of-mouth for your business.

Our Best Tips and Tricks for Recruiting Talented Employees

Whether your company has 5 employees or 5,000, there are always ways that you can improve on the hiring process that you currently have in place. Here are some of our best tips and tricks for how to get started to attract top talented job seekers.

1. Start by defining your goals

Looking to re-examine your recruitment process? First, start by determining your goals. It will be very difficult to measure the success of your new hiring strategies and policies without a set of goals to guide you.   

2. Understand who you are looking for

One of the most important parts of the early recruitment process is defining what type of worker you are looking for. For certain organizations, this may be more about qualifications, education, and training, but we encourage you to look beyond that. 

By defining a few key traits and attributes that you’d like future employees to have, you can help make it easier for your hiring team to determine the right potential candidates for each position.

3. Write a clear and concise job description

Understanding the details of each job you’re hiring for is the key to writing a clear and concise job description. To do this, get out into your organization and talk to the people who will be working with the individual in this new position. 

Also, don’t just talk to their superiors  – make sure to have people who are junior to this position weigh in if possible.

Having a clear and straightforward job description makes it easier to attract the right potential employees, and saves you from interviewing people who really don’t understand the qualifications necessary for the job.  

4. Build a reliable talent pipeline

A truly forward-thinking hiring plan uses a talent pipeline to ensure a steady supply of warm leads from the job market for open positions. There are many different ways to build your talent pipeline, such as setting up an employee referral program or even just expanding your social media presence online.

5. Streamline your interview and recruitment process with 1Huddle

Building a new recruitment process and hiring top talent can be complex. To make it easier on yourself and your team, streamline your interview and recruitment process with a tool like 1Huddle.

Our newest recruitment platform is convenient, allowing you to conduct both recruitment and hiring entirely online. This recruiting tool saves you time and helps free up your recruiting team for more complex, higher-level tasks like designing new ways to improve your talent pipeline.

Want to learn more? Start your no-risk free trial today.

Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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