November 15, 2021

What are the Qualities of a Good Recruiter?

Sam Caucci

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Recruitment can really make or break a company. It’s one of the most important jobs any person or team can hold within your organization. Having a great human resource recruitment team is worth its weight in gold. When you have a team that can connect the perfect talent to your open positions, then you can create expansive growth opportunities for your company. 

On the other hand, having a team of subpar recruiters can end up costing your organization upwards of thousands of dollars in resources, like lost time and money. And it can cause your company to suffer from high turnover rates, which in turn kills employee morale within your existing employees.

It’s obvious that you need to be able to find the best recruiters for your organization if you want the best results. Focus on finding or cultivating these traits of what makes up a high-quality recruiter.

Confidence and Strong Interpersonal Skills

In the recruitment industry, you network with hundreds of people every day. It’s no wonder that the industry tends to attract those who consider themselves extroverted. Having confidence in oneself is important during these daily interactions. They should also be a people person and be able to connect naturally or effortlessly with others.


Good recruiters are able to fill positions on an as-needed basis, but outstanding HR recruiters will be working hard to find top talent long before it is actually needed. Some of the best recruiters out there will keep tabs on top performers in their industry. They’re on top of knowing every candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and unique skills. They have already done the work to know who would be a good culture fit for a specific company, and they even keep up with the career trajectories of industry professionals. 

Not only do they stay up to date, but they also network and build relationships proactively. This way, when something opens up they immediately know who can take the position. This means that you will have little downtime, and this reduces productivity loss. 

If recruiters are failing to build up a pool of talent now, then they simply won’t be ready when it comes time to hire. This is because the best candidates are not sitting around at home, scanning for jobs online. They are most likely passive job seekers, who already have a position but are open to better opportunities. 

To truly succeed at talent acquisition you need to have a high level of proactivity and be motivated enough to continue to be aggressive in outbound recruiting. 

Understanding of Marketing

Recruiters not only need to know how to recruit, but they also need to understand how to market themselves and the companies that they work for in order to attract top talent. Being informed about how to implement important marketing strategies like having a target audience, showcasing company benefits and utilizing social media platforms as a recruiting tool are all important ways to connect marketing efforts with recruiting. And, staying up to date with hiring trends is essential. 

A good recruiter should also be able to identify employee value propositions and frame job openings as great opportunities. They want to have candidates interested to learn more, and think about the company culture as a brand. This is all to be able to attract the talent that they need. 


Great human resource management teams will focus on finding great candidates that are culturally forward, compared to culturally fit. Being a culturally forward individual means that the candidate will be able to contribute to the company culture and move it forward, rather than just fitting in and remaining the same. In this way, the company will be pushed to grow in different ways. 

They should always ask themselves if a particular candidate will be a “culture add” to the company, which can help in removing unconscious bias in hiring that everyone possesses. 

Why is it important to have effective recruitment processes in place for your company?

There are a few important reasons why having a great recruitment process in place is essential for success as a company. 

Reduce the turnover rate.

High turnover rates are not a great indicator that a company is a good place to work. It also contributes to low employee morale, as it can cause existing employees to feel overworked, and newer employees to feel overwhelmed. 

High turnover is also a huge drain on both time and money which can put a strain on the company’s bottom line. The cost associated with replacing staff can be very steep, so organizations need to work hard to make sure that high turnover is not something that is included within the company culture. 

Get better results by hiring the right candidates.

On the other hand, when you get recruitment right it can provide your company with inspiration, motivation and high employee morale. And new employees can also bring new skills on board, which are vital to a company’s success and ability to innovate. 

An organization’s productivity can be increased when you make sure that your hiring process is efficient and effective. This can help save time, money and other resources. 

Contribute to stronger employer branding. 

Once you have the right strategies in place for your recruiting process, your company’s reputation will also see an improvement in the long term. Word of mouth is powerful, and your own employees will talk about how great it is to work for you, which in turn creates interest in potential candidates who will start to keep an eye out for openings to have a unique candidate experience. 

On the opposite end, if your company image is based on a recruiting process that is ineffective and you have high turnover rates, it can turn off top talent from even applying. 

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