September 02, 2021

Traits All Great Coaches Possess

Sam Caucci

As a leader, you are constantly under stress facing challenges on the daily. Having great leadership and coaching skills serves as the foundation for any company, big or small, and without it growth is almost impossible. There are many different strategies and traits that go into being a great coach for your team, so it’s up to you to find the combination that suits you best. Here are a few traits and philosophies that all great coaches have to help you get started in creating your own.

Clear Vision and Mission

First, having a clear image of what you want your organization to achieve is one of the most important qualities of being a good coach. This vision is typically communicated throughout the company in a mission statement that encompasses your goals. Developing your vision involves spending time considering what it is you want your team and organization to achieve, and then planning out the steps to get there. 


Integrity is what keeps drive in check. Uncontrolled drive can lead to bad situations between coaches and their teams, creating a toxic environment. Having a desire to win and beat out the competition is great, but coaches always need to lead by example and follow a good moral compass. 

This can sometimes lead to overriding the win in some situations. Leading your team by example and keeping the focus of what’s really important in terms of values are the best approaches a coach will take in managing their integrity. 

Healthy Communication

Effective communication means that an individual is able to convey their thought process and the meaning behind it to their intended audience. In this way, coaching has a lot to do with communication to their team. This is why it’s in the best interest of all coaches to be able to develop a high level of communication. 

However, there is more than one component to communicating effectively. It’s not enough to be a great speaker, but you should also be able to receive messages back from your team as well. If you are not a good listener, you will create one-sided conversations that will benefit no one and you will miss a lot of what is happening with your team on a daily basis. Good coaches are great at receiving messages, as well as broadcasting their own. 

Empathy and Understanding

Having a sense of humility and compassionate understanding ranks pretty high when it comes to coaching, although many might not immediately think of these things when imagining a great leader or coach. Regardless, these are highly valuable characteristics to possess if you want to be a great coach. 

A coach who is empathetic, compassionate, humble and understanding is better able to understand what their team and competitors are feeling and thinking at any given moment. Having this extra layer of insight is extremely helpful and gives you an edge when it comes to strategizing and forecasting. Acting on these insights in a caring and respectful manner will also help you become a great coach and human being. 


All great coaches have an innate ability to get everyone on their team working and putting in work together. It is an essential part of your organization’s success. Coaching is about the ability to get others to work together for a greater good because they want to. After all, 20 percent of your people contribute to 80 percent of your results, as per the 80/20 rule

The ability to carefully select people for your team who will work well together and with you is an essential component of any smooth-running organization. You can help gain the teamwork and cooperation of others by staying committed to getting along with every key player on your team every day.

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