August 23, 2021

Take Your 1Huddle Credentials With You

Bri Hernandez

Today, a major problem in our workforce is the fact that the majority of workers accumulate credentials that are hidden. 

These are credentials that don’t often show up on a resume. They’re credentials that you might not earn at a community college or a four-year college. But these credentials signal a worker is ready to work.

Now, most learning management systems and e-learning platforms don’t care so much about their users. I’m not picking on them. But, at 1Huddle we do care. With our powerful credential engine, workers can take everything they learn, all the skills they accumulate, everything they achieve with a brand, on our platform with them, wherever they go.

Let’s walk through the 3 ways our credential platform works… 

  1. It works everywhere. A worker can access their credential from our mobile app or desktop. From their profile section, they can view all of their achievements and all their certificates in one spot. Players can even download individual certificates for individual trainings that they have accomplished, with this certificate being a record that they can take with them. They can also see a calendar of individual performance so they can track how they’re doing, not just day in and day out, but also on how they’re doing in an individual skill or topic game.
  2. You can take it with you. A player can download an individual scorecard that’s an accumulation of all performance on 1Huddle. And with one click, users can download the scorecard and take it with them. They can add it to their profile on LinkedIn, add it to their resume, or put it on a job posting site like Zip Recruiter or Indeed. 
  3. Companies can identify skills and opportunities. On our Manager Dashboard, managers can identify strengths and weaknesses. They can also download and print individualized one pagers for certificates achieved by their players. This is great for organizations that either have to track certificates for compliance digitally or hard copy. 

So, whether you’re an individual worker that’s using 1Huddle to prepare for your next job or you’re a company that’s using 1Huddle to deliver serious or important training on safety and compliance and you’re looking for a product to manage all your certifications in one spot, 1Huddle has the platform to get your team ready for the future of work, today.

Now, back to work.

Bri Hernandez, Chief of Staff

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