April 24, 2023

Why We Built 1Huddle

Sam Caucci

Nobody likes an unfair game. But today in America, everybody isn’t starting at level one.

  • Women of all races earn just 82 cents for every $1 earned by a man.
  • Black individuals are twice as likely to be unemployed than white. And, once employed, paid nearly 25% less.
  • And, 3 in 4 of America’s inmates receive no job training while incarcerated. 

These stats highlight the landscape of discrimination that shaped the American workforce, and COVID has just made it worse. There are many different kinds of discrimination holding back workers today, including:

  • Discrimination based on gender
  • Discrimination based on race 
  • Discrimination based on socioeconomic status
  • Discrimination based on past court involvement

We see how these inequities are harming our entire workforce..holding workers back from fully participating and thriving. 

So we created 1Huddle to change the game. 1Huddle was built on the position that our workforce is only strong when everybody can be a part of it, everybody can compete, and everybody can play. Now, I get asked ‘how’ are we doing that? Well…

  • You might see a mobile app, but we see a way for frontline workers to skill up at the same level as everybody else. 
  • You might see a leaderboard, but we see a place where people are judged based on merit
  • You might see a shop of 1,000’s of skill games, but we see a tool democratizing access to learning.
  • You might see a game platform, but we see a technology leveling the playing field.

See, we believe every worker deserves access to the training, support, and mentorship they need to win on the job. At 1Huddle, we’re working every day for every worker — from frontline to full time — so we can build a workforce that’s more diverse, more equitable, more inclusive, and fired up.

Now, back to work.

About 1Huddle

1Huddle is a coaching and development platform that uses quick-burst mobile games to more quickly and effectively educate, elevate, and energize your workforce — from frontline to full-time.

With a mobile-first approach to preparing the modern worker, a mobile library of 3,000+ quick-burst employee skill games, an on-demand game marketplace that covers 16 unique workforce skill areas, and the option for personalized content, 1Huddle is changing the way organizations think about their training – from a one-time boring onboarding experience to a continuous motivational tool. 

Key clients include Loews Hotels, Novartis, Madison Square Garden, PIMCO, TAO Group, and the United States Air Force. To learn more about 1Huddle and its platform, please visit 1huddle.co.

Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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