April 04, 2022

How Elevating Your Training Approach Will Increase Customer Retention

Sam Caucci

Better training methods mean better metrics, full stop.

That’s just the way it works. You must be ready and willing to put in the time with your employees on development for them to perform their best. One of the most impressive metrics that good training can affect has to be sales and customer retention. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. This piece will explain how proper training can increase productivity in the workplace and help you keep your customers happy and ready to work. 

Why Customer Retention Matters 

It’s often stated among business experts that increasing 5% of customers can lead to a 25% increase in profits – or even more. Did you know that by retaining 5% of customers, your profits can increase by 25%-95%? Returning customers also are much bigger spenders than new ones. 

This makes sense. If customers stick around, it’s probably for a reason. If they like your service or product, they’re going to want to invest more into it. 

If you want to maximize customer retention, you need to embed sales and customer retention tactics into training. 

How Training Affects Customer Retention

No matter if your employees are dealing with clients or sales, or face to face with customers and guests, the better prepared they are, the better experiences that your customers are going to have. Training isn’t about just improvising productivity in the workplace but about instilling your values and outlook into your employees. 

At 1Huddle, we know this better than most. Our gamified approach to training has had proven results in companies across the globe. And, we have seen that the more time logged training on 1Huddle results in more sales

Better training will give your employees better skills in many key areas, including: 

#1 Knowledge Retention

Better training means that more information sticks and your employees are more likely to stick around. Clients and customers expect a certain degree of product knowledge when interacting with your company. While your employees expect to be growing and upskilling while at your company. 

#2 Confidence

Employees who know their stuff well can be confident in handling any client questions or concerns. Not only does this make sure that clients and customers are getting what they want, but the confidence your employees project will engender trust. 

#3 Values

If a client or customer is willing to take the plunge with you, you must assume that something about your company attracted them. It could just be the price, but for many companies, your value and brand are critical factors in why you were chosen over your competition.

So you better be sure that your employees all understand what those values and brands are and how they can represent them best in their dealings with customers. This isn’t something employees learn automatically, but something they need to be immersed in through your company culture

#4 Soft Skills

Training isn’t just about knowing facts and details about your company. While it’s true there might be some “born salesmen” out there, employee development can go a long way towards sharpening the sales skills of your employees. If you have your own unique sales and customer service tactics, or procedures for handling customers, you want to make sure these are drilled into every employee from day one. 

How Can I Boost Training For My Sales Team?

The best way to boost training for your sales team is to make sure that it’s an ongoing process – and an ongoing process that employees are actually going to participate in. Thankfully, 1Huddle has plenty of experience in training for sales

Our highly effective (and fun) employee training games turn training from a chore into a competition that keeps everyone engaged and motivated. We’ve helped tons of companies like Legends (ever heard of Yankee Stadium?) take their sales to the next level.

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Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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