October 04, 2021

The Importance of Using Technology Made for Deskless Workers

Sam Caucci

Deskless worker on her phone at work

Technology is rapidly evolving every day, and the number of deskless workers is rising with it. 

This rapidly expanding mobile workforce will need technology that caters to their unique needs on the job. Using technology that is designed for remote workers is essential in keeping them up to date, as well as opening lines of communication with management and co-workers.

As the traditional landscape of business changes, there is a growing need for different ways of engaging and retaining top talent. But the challenge is establishing that same feeling of workplace culture and belonging when workers are not working in the same physical workspace at any given time. These are some of the main reasons why technology built for deskless workers is essential for your organization’s bottom line.

Give out faster updates and improve your lines of communication.

Deskless workers are always on the move, so it’s important for them to be able to have access to the information that they need in a convenient manner. Creating a connected environment is crucial, no matter where your workers are whether that be mobile or in-office. Communication is the bedrock of any productive and functional relationship in the workplace.

If you are looking for a concrete way to decrease your turnover rates, you will need to make an effort to continuously provide your employees with updates on the latest news and information. But when a majority of your workforce is deskless, for example they are mobile and work out of the office frequently, utilizing mobile-facing technology is a tool that your business model could benefit greatly from. 

Using mobile engagement technology fits into the deskless worker lifestyle because it helps improve employee access to information and allows faster communication between management and other employees. Deskless workers might need to be in constant contact with a small number of people, but with the use of a company mobile app, that circle could expand tenfold. This helps to improve vital lines of communication within your organization, and it helps facilitate and simplify important job functions. 

Help increase collaboration between colleagues.

Mobile technology is a good way to increase feelings of connectedness between colleagues and the organization. For those deskless workers who work in the gig economy, this kind of technology can be their lifeline. The gig economy as a whole is an increasingly mobile workforce, and they need this connectivity in order to continue working and collaborating with others. 

If workers are able to take this technology with them wherever they go, they will be able to work better, work smarter, and it also knocks down barriers to working remotely. “Work from home” or “flex time” models can become more feasible and manageable. Both managers and employees will be able to collaborate at the push of a button, from anywhere and anytime, while giving employees a platform where their voices can be heard in corporate communication. 

Enhance productivity. 

Mobile technology designed for deskless workers opens the door for quicker and more efficient problem solving because of lightning fast communication and feedback. Mobile employee engagement creates a space where questions and answers to problems can be posted and reviewed, and this improves the way that managers and employees implement and incorporate changes. 

Over 80 percent of non-desk workers say that the communication that they receive on the job is not enough. If your organization wants to increase productivity and boost employee satisfaction and engagement, then making critical information available on-the-go should be a priority. Having a more engaged workforce will also increase productivity. 

Mobile engagement combines both autonomy and collaboration on a single, convenient platform. Applications that are built for deskless workers give employees a part in the management of efficiency and overall processes, at any time and in any place.

These apps help employees communicate and are necessary, especially for those who don’t work in an office with all of their coworkers within their reach every day. An application like 1Huddle would be a valuable addition to any workforce, as it will allow you to monitor people analytics as well as increase employee engagement. By using real-time mobile engagements, managers can gain insights from their mobile employees which gives them the opportunity to build a stronger, more cohesive workforce. 

At 1Huddle, we offer cloud-based employee gamification software that can easily adapt to any employee training or gamification strategy you want to implement at your workplace. You can customize your content for a seamless experience and all of your employees will be able to access their training anywhere, anytime and at the push of a button. You can use our gamification platform to measure their performance and make key decisions on where you should take your gamification strategy next. 

Do you want to learn more about how 1Huddle can help you level up your own workforce? Request a demo today.

Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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