October 17, 2022

Replay of the Week: Tammy Browning, Bring It In Episode #90

Dani Cahn

Each week, we like to bring back a favorite episode of Bring It In, 1Huddle’s podcast for motivated, curious people looking to discover new strategies, perspectives, and insights from the world’s best CEOs, coaches, educators, elected officials and entrepreneurs.

This week, we’re replaying our conversation with Tammy Browning, President of KellyOCG, a global leader that manages all categories of talent to drive strategic growth for clients worldwide – and the company that coined the term “Boss Loss.” 

Tammy’s long been an innovator in the staffing industry, developing visionary talent supply chain solutions over the course of a career that spans more than 20 years. 

We got into everything from the dynamics behind the trends currently roiling the workplace to what her hopes are for the future of work. 

This episode is mandatory listening.

Here are our top 3 takeaways!

  1. The Great Resignation is leveling up.

And this time? It’s coming for your boss. 

A survey by KellyOCG found that 53% of executives were unhappy in their roles, and 72% said they planned to leave within the next two years. 

That’s 72% of executives, thousands of them across hundreds of global organizations, ready to walk out in the next two years. The disruption that would cause is hard to imagine.

So what’s happening? Why are people leaving? What’s causing it? According to Tammy, it’s all about the lack of flexibility: 

“Today, the number one question that’s asked is, is there flexibility in my job? And not hybrid– they want flexibility. Hybrid is a completely different model. They don’t just wanna take Fridays off or work from home on Fridays. They actually want to work now. So they not only wanna tell you exactly how much they wanna make, they also wanna know exactly what the benefits are, but more importantly, they wanna know, can I work when I wanna work, how I wanna work and you pay me what I want and I have the flexibility. So that’s what’s happening in the world of work today, is the talent is calling the shots in a big way, and we’re seeing it all across the board. “

  1. There is no tech without change management.

Companies today are spending big time on technology to make employees more productive in their role. But the adoption and the usage of that technology? 

It’s generally in the 12% range. What kind of ROI is that??

According to Tammy, that’s the return on investment you can expect without a change management strategy: 

“The only way you can get better in your technology strategy is to also have a solid change management and training strategy. Your teams have to understand why the technology is being used, how to better use it, how to better engage with it, how to use technology to be more efficient in their role so that they can get more work done and not feel bogged down by manual workarounds that often slow people down and cause a significant amount of rework. So change management has to be peppered throughout, and change management requires a significant amount of communication and training at the tactical levels.”

That’s why we support the Flexibility for Workers Education Act (H.R. 7365) — legislation that would empower employers to invest not just in tech, but in the resources and training their people need to use that tech, and achieve their potential.

(Click here to learn more!)

  1. Bureaucracy is a barrier.

We loved the answer Tammy gave when we asked her about her hopes for the future of work:

“All of these labels that we put out here have made it very difficult for hiring managers, the people that need the talent, to actually engage the talent. We’ve put way too much bureaucracy in the hiring process for organizations, and we need to just remove all those barriers to entry for the talent that really do wanna come to work, but they don’t wanna work for a company that’s gonna put them in some box or give them some sort of label and treat them differently because of the way that they’re engaged. So for me, utopia is, let’s remove some of those labels that we put on people.”

A future with fewer barriers, fewer labels, where more workers are recognized for their talent? That’s a future worth working for. 

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Dani Cahn, Communications and Creative Development

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