June 29, 2022

Recruitment and Recruitment Software Has Changed for The Good

Sam Caucci

Hiring manager - sitting with tablet

Standard recruitment software is not attracting candidates in our emerging post-pandemic world. Regular recruitment strategies and talent acquisition strategies are backfiring now. Why? The candidates’ needs have changed.

Candidates want to work, but they don’t want just any job. They want a job that matters to them and fulfills them. So candidates are shopping. They’re applying for many jobs and many different kinds of jobs. They are trying to find the job that resonates with them the most. So, they may not be serious about your opportunity. They may be trying it on for size.

Consequently, recruiters are inundated with many applications for any given posted position. But they still have trouble finding suitable candidates. And they’re wasting time and money talking to inappropriate people. Your perfect candidates are out there. But how do you find them? Conventional recruitment software isn’t finding the best candidates. 

You need to know: 

  • Is the candidate genuinely qualified for your position? 
  • Is the candidate truly interested in your role? Or are they just kicking a few tires?

Transparency in Recruiting Is a Must

Talent acquisition benefits from recruiters being open and plain—plain about your company, your culture, and the job. Recruiters are no longer fielding candidates or currying candidates. Recruiters are attracting them. Because our candidates have agency, they can and are willing to work anywhere. They know what they want. 

So how do you attract candidates? Think about your candidates as a partner in the process. Help them with all the information they need to make this critical decision.

  • Make Your Brand Clear

Make sure they understand how you and your organization do business. Candidates are looking for a cause, for a company they can believe in. So, share your mission, your values, and your purpose. You will attract candidates interested in causes like yours. 

  • Make Your Corporate Culture Clear 

Is your culture formal and corporate? Or are there games in your common room? Is your culture crazy and fun with long hours and lots of pizza? Or does your company pride itself on work-life balance and careful marketing plans? 

Your culture matters. Many candidates will forgo higher salaries for a corporate culture that works for them. 

  • Make Jobs Clear 

Show your candidates what they’ll be doing and how they’ll be doing it. Talk about their direct report and what’s expected of them. Talk about the tempo of work and the challenges inherent in the position. But, also, talk about the joys of the job and how the job contributes to the overall purpose of the company. 

  • Make Benefits Clear 

After coming out of such changeable times, it stands to reason many folks would want to land somewhere they feel safe. Benefits like medical and long-term disability ease people’s anxiety.

But, also, extra holiday allowance, gym memberships, and personal charity days are perks that might catch an employee’s eye. Do you have the budget for a daycare? How about training? Make all of this plain. The right candidate will snap it up.

  • Be Modern — Mobile Friendly, AI Chatbots

As life goes more and more back to normal, mobile usage rates are expected to rise to pre-pandemic levels. But even before this happens, 65% of mobile users say they use their phones for job seeking. Are you ready? Make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

The use of AI chatbots has become increasingly popular. A chatbot will answer your questions but is more interactive than an FAQ. 

People appreciate getting answers fast. Also, a well-designed chatbot will refer to a real person as soon as it can no longer handle the inquiry. A chatbot will save you time and money when dealing with hundreds of applicants. 

Use 1Huddle to Engage Candidates

1Huddle’s recruitment software application is part of any talent acquisition process. 1Huddle changes the nature of recruitment software. Standard recruitment software can deliver information but in an unengaging and “text-heavy” way. 

Offered as an app on the end-user’s phone, 1Huddle can take the prospective applicant through all aspects of the job investigation. The interface is a fun, interactive game environment. This state-of-the-art tool will attract and engage candidates interested in your company. It will also weed out candidates for whom your environment or the job does not resonate.

After a candidate has worked through the “game,” they’ll be encouraged to contact you.

Use 1Huddle to Get the Recruitment Edge You Need

1Huddle takes the recruitment process a step further giving you an edge that other recruitment software can’t. 

A management dashboard allows you to see which candidates are using the app and working through the content. Not only do you know who is interested in your company, but you can also vet who is most aligned with your company’s purpose. Then, you can contact the best of that group.

Intriguing? Time-saving? More information? Yes. And money-saving. A real game-changer. Use 1Huddle to get back in the loop of the recruitment process. Contact 1Huddle for a demonstration today!

Sam Caucci Founder & CEO at 1Huddle