December 21, 2022

New 1Huddle Holiday Games to Stuff Your Stockings

Dana Bernardino

Our 1Huddle holiday elves have been hard at work on this latest December Shop Drop. 

These new games are chalk full of cheer, featuring fun seasonal trivia, the 411 on one of our amazing social impact partners; fresh book releases, and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Santa– but were too afraid to ask. 

So: while the weather outside is frightful, the games are so delightful.

Sit back, relax. Pour yourself some eggnog– and play on!

1. Shoe Dog

Category: Books & Entertainment

DescriptionShoe Dog is a memoir by Nike co-founder Phil Knight, chronicling the history of the company from its founding as Blue Ribbon Sports to its evolution into one of the world’s most recognized and profitable organizations.

So, you think you know Nike? Play the game – Just Do It – and find out!

Shoe Dog 1huddle

2. Franchising 101

Category: Business

Description: In 1886 a druggist named John Pemberton combined carbonated water with molasses, spices, and cocaine; called it Coca-Cola, and licensed select people to bottle and sell it across the country.

The franchise business model – and the beverage– have been a hit ever since!

Franchising 101 is perfect for those curious about the in’s and out’s of what makes franchising unique; why it’s different than owning a chain, and the secret behind its enduring appeal for small business owners

Franchising 101 1huddle

3. Hanukkah

Category: Society & Culture

Description: Did you know that there are 24 different ways to spell Hanukkah

No worries, you’re off the hook– neither did I! 

There are a couple different kinds of Jewish holidays and, as my family likes to say, Hanukkah is the “they tried to kill us, they failed, let’s drink” kind– and, while it is not, technically, super important, it has always been one of my favorites.  

After all, it’s an action-packed, underdog story of resilience– what’s not to like?
So, gather round ladies and gentlemen, friends and goyfriends, for a game on the Festival of Lights!

Hanukkah Holiday Games

4. Christmas

Category: Society & Culture

Description: Ah, Christmas! We’re all familiar with what it’s become – a universal celebration of capitalism and wintry cheer– but how much do you really know about this Christian (but somehow also pagan) holiday?

What’s the deal with mistletoe? What is actually in eggnog? And who is this mysterious Mr. Claus???

Play the game and find out.

Christmas Holiday Games

5. Kwanzaa

Category: Society & Culture

Description: Sometimes the most important thing in life is to know what you don’t know– and, in writing this, I’ve learned that Kwanzaa is something I really don’t know much about. 

Of course, I knew it was a pan-African/African American holiday that looked a bit like Hanukkah, but had no idea it was created in 1966, in the aftermath of the Watts riots by American activist and Black Panther Maulana Karenga.

If that’s news to you, boy have I got a game for you!

Kwanzaa Holiday Games

6. Covenant House

Category: Company Trivia

Description: We’ve partnered with our friends at Covenant House for the past 4 years to help raise awareness about youths experiencing homelessness, and to connect the young people who rely on their shelters with job training and employment opportunities– And 1Huddle Founder and CEO Sam Caucci never misses an opportunity to attend their annual Executive Sleep Out– an event in which hundreds of executives from across northern New Jersey get together to learn about the plight of homeless youth throughout the city and across the country. 

(Check out 1Huddle Founder and CEO Sam Caucci’s reflections on his experience this year, here.)  

The work that Covenant House does, every day, to increase awareness and provide shelter to those in need is hugely important to the community and to us here at 1Huddle. 

So, play a round of Cov House Trivia! Learn more about the amazing work they do everyday – and what you can do to help!

Covenant House Holiday Games

Happy Holidays!

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Dana Bernardino, Manager of Digital Marketing at 1Huddle

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