January 04, 2023

New 1Huddle Games for the New Year

Dana Bernardino

1Huddle January Game Shop Drop

2023 is here– and with it, a fresh batch of 1Huddle games!

This latest drop includes brand new additions along with updates to many of your old favorites– from games in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Chinese New Year, to one on Anthony Bourdain’s culinary classic, “Kitchen Confidential,” we’ve got it all!

1. Martin Luther King Jr.

Category: Society & Culture

Description: An update to our game on Baptist minister and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., who fought for racial equality in the United States until his assassination in 1968. 

2. Chinese New Year

Category: Society & Culture

Description: The Year of the Tiger is over– on Sunday, January 22, 2023, the Year of the Rabbit begins

Not sure what I’m talking about? Play this new game on the Chinese New Year to find out.

3. College Football Playoffs

Category: Society & Culture

Description: Finally, a 1Huddle game on America’s favorite game!

So– think you know college football? Think again. Play this new addition to our shop, learn all about its history, past winners, and why our very own Rutgers is sometimes referred to as “The Birthplace of College Football.”

4. Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential

Category: Books

“Good food, good eating, is all about blood and organs, cruelty and decay. It’s about sodium-loaded pork fat, stinky triple-cream cheeses, the tender thymus glands and distended livers of young animals. It’s about danger—risking the dark, bacterial forces of beef, chicken, cheese, and shellfish. ”

Those words, published by the New Yorker in 1999, were how many of us first became acquainted with chef Anthony Bourdain, and would serve as the intro for his best-selling book,  Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly (2000), on which this game is based.

So, play the game–  learn why gastronomy is “the science of pain”, and why you should never order fish on a Monday– but only as an amuse-bouche to the book itself.

Bourdain writes wonderfully, and through his writing, invites us, with humor and grace, to  share in the sheer weirdness of kitchen life. 

It is magic, to be enjoyed down to the last drop!

5. New Years Eve

Category: Society & Culture

Description: It’s one of our favorite holidays here at 1Huddle. After all, what could be better than time to reflect, with family and friends,  on the times we’ve had and all the wonderful times ahead!

So countdown with us  to 2023, and give our updated game all about auld lang syne a spin!

6. The Golden Globes

Category: Society & Culture

Description: Did you know that the first Golden Globe Awards were held in January, 1944? Neither did I– in fact, I’m not sure if I even know who this year’s nominees are!

If you’re in the same boat, and would like to learn more, give this game a spin. Maybe you’ll win your very own Cecil B. DeMillea la 1Huddle, of course.

7. Test Taking Strategy

Category: Personal Development

Description: If you’re like me, then the very title of this game probably sends a cold shiver down your spine. 

That said, I wish I’d had access to the information in this game back when I needed it most!

8. The Emancipation Proclamation

Category: History

Description: On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring “that all persons held as slaves” within the rebellious states “are, and henceforward shall be free.”

As the nation approached its third year of bloody civil war, those words transformed the conflict into more than just a struggle to preserve the Union, but one that would set a decisive course for how the country would be reshaped in its aftermath.

Learn about all that and more, in this fun – and fascinating– new addition to our shop!

9. All Stars Project

Category: Company Trivia

Description: If anything gives us hope for the New Year – and the future in general– it’s working with young people. We’re especially inspired by our partners over at The All Stars Project, which works to transform the lives of youth from poor and underserved communities.

As part of our Social Impact family, they’re a big part of why they do the work we do, and we’re especially pleased to highlight their advocacy work with  this freshly updated game.

Give it a try! We know after playing, you’ll be inspired, too!

10. Pop Music Chart Day

Category: Society & Culture


Who topped the pop charts in 2022? 

If, like me, you don’t know the answer to that question and, unlike me, care, this may be the game – and holiday–  for you.

Kidding, kidding

Just because I’ve never heard of Pop Music Chart Day doesn’t mean it isn’t a “thing.” Besides, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a Wiki entry,  the  internet seems to think it is

While there seem to be a few versions floating around, when it comes to its  exact origins this, in my opinion, is the most convincing. From TribeLive.com

On Jan. 4, 1936, Billboard magazine published its first “Hit Parade” listing of top pop songs. The No. 1 spot was claimed by “Stop, Look and Listen,” recorded by jazz violinist Joe Venuti and his orchestra, as noted by Wilson Casey in “Firsts: Origins of Everyday Things That Changed the World.”

So. There you go. Less a celebration of music than it is a celebration of… rankings.

I may sit out the celebrations, but will definitely play the game. I clearly have much to learn.

11. Alexander Hamilton

Category: Society & Culture

Description: Maybe you’ve seen Hamilton– but how much do you actually know about this ingenious Founding Father?

How did an orphan, born out of wedlock, rise to become the man many credit with laying the foundation for American government and finance? 

Play this new game and find out!

12. Zoom Advanced

Category: Society & Culture

Description: New Year, new Zoom! And to help you prepare, we’ve upped our game– with an update! 

Game on!

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