November 29, 2021

Why LMS is Wrong for the Future of Work

Sam Caucci

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Learning management systems (LMS) are no longer as popular as they used to be. In the past, businesses who wanted to train their employees using the most cutting edge technology would turn to using an LMS. But, these systems are now outdated compared to the employee training software of today. 

What is an LMS?

An LMS is designed to accomplish three main things. 

  1. It stores learning content and serves as a catalogue of training courses (typically in a limited format).
  2. It puts all of the content in front of users.
  3. It collects pre-determined user data. For example, who has completed what course, who is behind schedule, etc).

An LMS can help your organization if you simply need to do some administrative box-checking. For example if you want to feel like you have a learning system in place to satisfy a low-level need for your employees to learn something once in a while. It’s also great for being consistent, since it is a mostly static technology that can be hard to update. 

If your employees do better with more familiar, older technology compared to the modern, then you could still get away with using an LMS. And lastly, an LMS is great for simply putting content in front of users and getting a little feedback. But, keep in mind that you won’t be changing any organizational behaviors or be able to drive productivity improvement. You can at least have it back of mind. 

Reasons Why You Should Leave Your LMS in the Past

While LMS are able to do these three things, they are not conducive to the actual learning experience and there are many shortcomings related to using an LMS over more modern methods of employee training. 

Results in poor learning outcomes

An LMS handles learning outcomes quite poorly. Anything beyond box-checking is not likely to come about through a learning experience that is so utterly boring for users. Or one that allows for barely any feedback, and is pretty much unattractive to use.

Not engaging 

We know now that for learning to be effective it needs to be engaging and continuous. Continuous learning is the key to levelling up your workforce. And the only way that it can be continuous is if people willingly choose to learn even if they don’t have anything assigned to them. No one uses an LMS on their own, because it’s not engaging.

Not mobile friendly or user responsive

These days, everyone has a smart phone and internet connection at their fingertips, and their training software should reflect this advanced access to technology. An LMS on the other hand is unable to be taken anywhere and is pretty clunky to use all around. Employee learning software should be accessible from any device at any location, for users to jump onto whenever they have a moment, or whenever the mood to learn strikes them. This helps to increase efficiency in training, and it also helps improve user engagement. 

Lack of integration and innovation

Not every LMS is a

ble to contain all of the functionality you need to create, manage and deliver content to your online users globally. This restrictive technology requires companies to build courses using other third party systems, then upload them onto the LMS. This can be a huge sink of time and resources. Learning technology should enable your organization to create full learning modules that can help you streamline employee training. 

Replace Your Outdated LMS With 1Huddle

At 1Huddle, we offer cloud-based employee gamification software that can easily adapt to any employee recruitment or gamification strategy you want to implement at your workplace. You can customize your content for a seamless experience and all of your employees will be able to access their training anywhere, anytime and at the push of a button. You can use our gamification platform to measure their performance and make key decisions on where you should take your gamification strategy next. 

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Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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