December 23, 2021

Level Up Your Franchise Workforce by Tapping Into “Alternative Recruiting Paths & Talent Pools”

Dana Safa

Sometimes, taking a chance has huge benefits. It can also save lives. 

Leaders need to start thinking outside of the box. There are pools of talent in places they may have never thought of before. People struggling with poverty and homelessness are hungry for work. They just need the opportunity.

In partnership with the International Franchise Association, our Founder and CEO, Sam Caucci, sat down with non-profit leaders to talk about alternative pathways of hiring and the importance of reaching different pools of potential employees. 


By tapping into other pathways to recruit and hire new talent, both businesses and communities can thrive. These are our top 15 highlights from the webinar “Alternative Recruiting Paths & Talent Pools.” If you want to know why you should shake up your hiring process, keep scrolling…

Top 3 Highlights

  1. 47 million Americans live in poverty; are children. 
  2. 95% of CEO’s know that their current recruiting/hiring process is discriminatory, and leave out potential workers who may be qualified. 
  3. Everybody deserves a second chance.

All Highlights

  1. According to a recent Harvard Business Study review, 27 million workers today are on the sidelines. 
  2. Being involved is a critical ingredient for success.
  3. Inexperience can work in your favor. 
  4. Companies should be more conscious of people living in poverty. 
  5. Move outside your comfort zone and your boundaries. 
  6. We see spirits change because of employment.
  7. Employers need to get connected.
  8. Inclusion is about understanding various perspectives. 
  9. A lot of people never got a first chance.
  10. They are hungry for a job, and will not take it for granted.
  11. There are untapped resources that can be used to hire quality individuals.
  12. The sense of self-worth and contributing is good for the soul.

Want to see more? Head over to the 1Huddle Events Page and watch the full webinar.

Now, back to work.

Dana Safa, Manager of Digital Marketing at 1Huddle

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