April 02, 2022

Improve Corporate Culture And Motivate Your Team, With Games! 

Sam Caucci

Is it too much to ask that Sunday evening not be a terrifying moment?

As kids, we’re often told that we should work at something we love, but once we reach a certain age, we tend to get pretty cynical about it. We get it. Not everyone can live out their childhood dreams of being an astronaut. You may never ever find a job that is exactly what you love. 

But your company should also be one where you can at least enjoy going to work and hanging around your colleagues. A non-terrible experience is the least that anyone can expect. And yet, if you look at the American workforce, you’ll find a vast majority of employees struggle with basic motivation and engagement. What’s shocking is that America is doing pretty well compared to the world overall when it comes to enjoyable company culture

Here, we’ll explain why company culture has such a strong impact on how people feel about their work and give some tips on how to improve it. 

Why Corporate Culture Matters 

Your company culture is what makes your business more than just, well, business. It’s defined by your goals for what you want your company to achieve and what it represents. It’s your style, your values, and your reputation, all in one. Whether it’s in office culture or remote work culture, every company has a different working experience.

Since your company is your reputation, it will affect how you attract and hire new recruits. If people are going to be dedicating their time and effort to you, they will have to feel like they’re working for something with value.

Speaking of value, your company culture is what helps bind your employees together. This just doesn’t mean it helps reduce your employee quitting rate – though it definitely helps in that regard. Having solid values will also give your employees a common point of reference. If everyone can agree on what is most important, you’ll have a much easier time managing team conflicts. 

Beyond managing team conflict, a strong corporate culture is also crucial for developing that ever-elusive motivation. Providing something for your employees to believe in means they will be willing to go the extra mile to see your company find success.

Pillars of Corporate Culture

One of the easiest ways to improve company culture is to actually go ahead and define it. If you cannot clearly articulate your company culture, how do you expect your employees to figure it out? You need to educate your employees on these values as part of onboarding. Communicating your mission statement, values, and story are all key. 

Solid training is also an essential part of building a healthy corporate culture. Employees who don’t feel confident in their ability to perform will feel discouraged. What’s the point of core values if employees don’t feel they have the tools to live up to them?

Any corporate culture is only as strong as the bonds between your employees. It’s your company’s culture overall – it’s not just your culture or the culture of individual employees. Developing teamwork and interpersonal skills will help you manage team conflicts. It also means that employees trust you and each other and are more comfortable getting competitive.

Increase Motivation With Gamification

So there’s a lot to developing corporate culture. It sounds complicated. But there are some easy ways you can start to cultivate it, through more engaging personalized employee training experiences that use gamification. 

Why gamification? Because 1Huddle uses gamification as the sprinkles on top to keep your employees interested, engaged, and motivated. This keeps the information flowing frequently, and in a manner that employees are actually paying attention to.. You can make learning about your brand fun

It’s also an excellent tool for motivation. Take the global franchise brand Hand & Stone Massage and Wellness Spa. When they integrated a gamified mobile training platform from 1Huddle, sales went through the roof. The more gaming time spa employees logged, the more sales increased. It is a real example of how gamification can turn competition into a powerful force for motivation that drives business outcomes.

Want to learn how gamification can boost sales at your company? Request a demo today!

Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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