June 19, 2022

Importance of Corporate Training for Event Success

Sam Caucci

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Event planning and management are among the hardest tasks to do without proper training and experience. It’s a complex procedure that requires months of planning, execution, training, and management. 

Even companies with event planning and management specialization sometimes fail to keep up with the minor details, leading to failure or an unsuccessful event. Many reasons like a lack of communication, coordination, and employee training may lead to the failure of an event. 

It’s important for companies to constantly upskill their employees with each development in an event to avoid last-minute hiccups.

Corporate training and development make a huge difference in the success of an event. Companies can equip their employees with everything related to an upcoming event with top-notch employee training software. If you want to know what employees need to make an event successful, then keep reading. 

We’ve outlined the goals and skills required to make an event successful, along with how you can provide specific corporate training to your employees. 

Some Goals of a Successful Event

The goals for a successful event may vary depending on the company and objective. Some common goals may include:

1) Brand Promotion/Identity 

Your event was a huge success if you get a massive response to your brand. Companies often organize small-to-big events to promote their brand, product, or service to a more refined audience, including investors, stakeholders, and media personnel. 

2) Increased Revenue 

A successful event should bring in revenue. Increased sales or revenue is a sign you succeeded in spreading the message to your audience through an event. 

3) Boost Social Media Presence 

With the growing technology and social media craze, building a strong social media presence has become a major goal of every business/brand. An event is often followed by hashtags, stories, tags, captions, location shares, and reels. And if you manage to pull these off, your company will see an increase in followers and engagement rate. 

A successful event might also have a few additional goals, such as brand awareness, increased media presence, and attention from investors, stakeholders, and potential customers. 

What New Skills Are Required for Events?

The nature, objectives, and goals of each event are different, which is why it requires rapid and continuous skill development. Companies must introduce tools and appropriate technologies for corporate training to ensure employees are keeping up with the constant changes in event planning. Some of the must-have skills for an event may include:

  • Problem-solving: Employees must know how to tackle minor details and changes in a plan.
  • Communication: Employees need to know the effective channels of communication to transmit all information clearly and completely. 
  • Customer Service: Employees should have answers to customer/audience queries and questions related to an event. 
  • Technical: Employees should know the art, design, tools, and techniques used to pull off an event. 

Some Specific Training Requirements 

An event can only be successful if you focus on the holistic development of your employees. With new skill development, you need to focus on meeting the special training requirements of your employees. Employee corporate training for events may include:

  • knowledge-based training; 
  • technical training;
  • team-building training; 
  • managerial training. 

Finding Event Success 

Your employees play a key role in making any event a success, so it’s important to invest money and time to empower them. Since most things are moving digital and becoming more accessible to people, you should opt for online employee training software like 1Huddle. 

1Huddle is the ideal platform that helps companies find event success through their customized science-backed games. These quick-burst games make corporate training more fun, faster, and easier for companies. 

Employees retain information when playing games more than other eLearning tools and techniques. With 1Huddle, you can look for team-building games for the office to engage employees. It also helps managers track real-time performance to figure out who is ready to take on what responsibilities for an event. 

1Huddle not only trains employees but also engages audiences in an event. Yes, you can ask for audience feedback through games and see who’s actively responding to your event, driving it toward success. 

If it’s a product launch or a conference event, you can let your attendees know about a product or service through interactive and engaging games. This way, you can track their reaction to the information and ask for quick feedback for future references and improvement. 

We believe nothing will work more in your favor than letting the audience enjoy your event through a fun and intriguing game session, helping you find success.

Planning an event? Try 1Huddle for a seamless and fun employee training and audience engagement experience. Click here to request a demo. 

Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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