October 31, 2022

How George Donahue & FB Society are Fighting for Every Worker

Dani Cahn


George Donahue, Director of Training at Sixty Vines + Mexican Sugar

George Donahue is the Director of Training at Sixty Vines and Mexican Sugar (Front Burner Society) – and our customer spotlight of the week!

We like everyone at Mexican Sugar and Sixty Vines, but we love George because whenever he talks to us, it’s never about him – he only talks about his people. In that way, he fully embodies what it means to be a coach.

These past few years have seen a revolution in the world of workforce training and development, and George is not only an innovator in this field, he’s been a careful observer of its trends for years. (One of the reasons why his appearance on our podcast was such a hit. )

And this past week Jaime and Dana from team 1Huddle caught up with him in Dallas to talk shop! 

Here are some of their favorite takeaways: 

  1. About What Gets Him Going…

“I get really excited when I start hearing people talk about experience over sales. When I start hearing people talk about doing things differently than they’ve been done before that, that gets me excited.”

  1. About What’s Going on with 1Huddle…

The industry is witnessing “kind of a death of average. And so there’s a lot of like average restaurants that are gonna struggle because they’re too focused on PNLs and sales and not talking about the guest experience exclusively. So, anytime [I hear] people talking about experience, I lean into that.”

  1. What He Loves About 1Huddle… 

“It reinforces everything we do in the restaurant, everything that’s in their training schedules. But it’s so much more. All the questions are geared to exactly where the learner is at that moment…I’m able to build content very quickly that targets you where you are.” One employee “played at their house for six hours on a Saturday night. My favorite [story] was that somebody was at a party and they started talking about a wine game that we had, and they broke it out at a party and they all started playing 1Huddle at a party!”

Thanks George, not just for being a great customer and friend, but for being a coach! 

Keep crushing it. 

Now, back to work. 

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