August 03, 2021

Engaging Remote Employees Using Gamification With a Cloud-Based Employee Development Platform

Sam Caucci

An engaged remote worker

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that remote working is the way of the future. And with employees on remote working, businesses are going to have to adopt programs of remote learning as well. However, while many employees have managed to adapt to remote work, learning and training online is often a trickier prospect. Doing a task you understand is one thing – but being able to process information is a whole different story.

This is the exact reason that more businesses are turning to gamified training platforms to help boost engagement with remote learning. With a good gamification platform, you can help your employees get into a learning groove. This means happier employees, trained employees, and a business ready for anything. 

What is Gamification?

It’s all in the name. A gamified training platform will add elements of games to work or a learning program. This could include point scoring, competition with others, a “level-up system” or achievements for accomplishments. 

Gamification has already found a wide range of applications in educational apps and marketing campaigns. However, more and more businesses are getting savvy to the fact that gamified training platforms can be applied to help with remote learning for employees.

Benefits of Gamification 

So why do gamified training platforms work? Well, it’s just plain psychology. As humans, we’re hardwired to enjoy rewards. One reason that so many of us find our work or education to be a grind is that it’s hard for our deeper monkey brains to understand what we’re getting out of it. Gamification stimulates the reward center of the brain, making us more willing to engage in the repetition that is necessary for mastery.

Apart from our desire for rewards, gamification can help in ways unique to a learner. If someone is competitive, they can use scoring on a gamified training platform to check their progress against others. If someone is more goal-oriented, achievements can give them a better sense of progress.

Gamification is great for managers as well. Since all the learning is tracked you can check, at a glance, which of your employees is ready for which tasks. This helps avoid confusion and worry among employees, and keeps your team operating at 100%. This is especially important during remote work and learning, where keeping tabs on progress is made much more difficult. 

1Huddle’s Platform and Remote Learning

1Huddle offers one of the best gamified training platforms out there for remote learning. This is due to the incredible ease of access. Do your employees have phones? If so, then they can use 1Huddle anywhere, anytime. 

Our “Quick Burst” learning games provide opportunities to win, positive feedback and are appealing to all types of learners. They also provide real-time feedback, which is vital in a remote environment where you might not be on hand to give the feedback yourself. 

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