November 04, 2022

Customer Spotlight: Dog Haus, Capriotti’s, and Original ChopShop

Dani Cahn

There’s a new era of restaurant employers on the rise– and three of our favorite customers are leading the pack!


Dog Haus, Capriotti’s, and Original ChopShop

It’s a higher stakes game than ever for the restaurant industry. 

Brands have got to identify and attract talent, engage employees, and create workplaces where they want to stick around.

The sea change brought on by covid’s impact has changed the way a lot of brands do business, and, in response to the continued importance of labor, QSR Magazine has polled employers, industry pundits, and outside experts to find the best brands to work for.

– And leading the pack of this year’s top 25 Best Brands were 3 of our favorite clients: Dog Haus, Capriotti’s, and Original ChopShop!

They are now QSR Best Brand to Work for Certified.

To celebrate, this week’s Customer Spotlight is a triple threat, spotlighting how each brand is winning talent by raising every worker!

Here are our takeaways:

  1. Dog Haus

“Some people start their day stretching. We start our day with 1Huddle.” Qristen Bouey, Corporate Trainer, Dog Haus 

As our friends at Dog Haus like to say, they’re not just fast food or fast casual– they’re Craft Casual

The craftsmanlike approach they’ve taken in creating their all-beef Haus Dogs has garnered critical acclaim and national attention— and now the same can be said for the elbow grease they put into creating great company culture, too! 

We loved the way QSR covered all the benefits they offer – from medical, dental, vision, and life insurance–  to the processes they’ve put in place to check-in, gather feedback and pathway their workers. 

  1. Capriotti’s

“That’s what I love about 1Huddle: the freaking ease, because our business is changing all the time!” –Ron Martinez, Director of Training, Capriotti’s

Career development is the tip of the spear when it comes to the way Capriotti’s is fighting to win talent.

The sandwich chain embraces an approach that prioritizes advancement opportunities for workers at every level of their organization. It’s something, they say, that employees expect clarity on from day one.

“We’ve had a number of people from our shops move to management positions for the brand, and some even moved up to corporate positions as well,” the brand told QSR. “We have people who run entire departments in our corporate office who started out as team members in our store.”

That’s one of the many reasons they’re now Best Brand to Work for Certified– and why they were also named one of the Top Workplaces by Las Vegas Review-Journal this year for the third year running! 

  1. Original ChopShop 

“You can see it in the Shops. We’re getting better as a team. 1Huddle makes it happen everyday.” Kyle Frederick, COO, Original ChopShop 

Big growth doesn’t stop ChopShop from seeing their people– in fact, raising every worker is one of the reasons why the brand has been able to grow so fast!

Their career pathing program that helps hourly employees advance to management positions, quarterly merit increases for salaried managers, and five-year service anniversary bonuses of $20,000 for GMs are all initiatives that contribute to the 63% of leadership positions that the chain is able to fill internally. 

63%!!! Now that’s what we mean when we say our platform helps brands see their people!

Loved to see each of our clients praised not just for having great benefits and wages, but for their career pathing programs, retention rates, and employee coaching and advancement opportunities. 

When the majority of all your leadership roles are filled through internal promotion (lookin’ at you, ChopShop!) –  that’s what we mean at 1Huddle when we talk about seeing your people!

Keep crushing it. 

Now, back to work!

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