January 23, 2022

Creating A High Performance Workplace

Sam Caucci

At a high-performance workplace, you can feel the difference. The people there seem more energized, confident, and invested in their organization’s strategy. Teams at a high-performance workplace produce higher quality products and services and are on the leading edge of innovation. So how does a high-performance workplace become “high-performance”? 

We know that the capabilities of the organization and the people who work for them are able to drive performance and execute a strategy but how can we measure these capabilities and improve them? Many organizations have tools to measure financial or operational performance, but not capabilities. 

One key factor in creating a high-performance workplace culture is to have a  company culture of high development. A high development culture is one that values the growth of every single individual within the organization. 

Organizations that have made an investment into their employee development are shown to have an 11% greater profitability and are twice as likely to retain their employees. If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense, since individuals who are high achievers are also interested in seeking out opportunities for development. Every employee has a psychological need to learn and to grow as human beings. 

When employees are able to develop themselves at their work, it helps them feel fulfilled in terms of their career and social wellbeing. Going to work with a sense of purpose makes people feel great about what they do at work. In fact, 9 in 10 millennials say that their professional development or having opportunities for career growth is very important when it comes to their job. In addition, career growth opportunities were cited as the number one reason that people give for changing jobs. 

Employees need to feel connected and involved with the places that they work, and they want to spend time at a workplace that provides purpose, as well as employee training and development. 

Creating a High-Performance Workplace

Building a high development culture will take more than sprinkling in a view of learning and development programs. Here are some strategies you can use to set your organization up for success and get on track to becoming a high-performing workplace.

Managers that are involved and act like coaches, not bosses.

Your frontline managers act as the lifeline for cultural change in the workplace and they help make employee engagement a reality. Managers are closer to employees’ day-to-day routines compared to human resources or leadership. This means that your managers have the understanding and insight it takes to help develop employees and keep them engaged. 

In addition, individuals are more likely to learn and grow when they are able to get immediate feedback which is specific to their development. This means that managers are the perfect people to help coach employees for greater development. 

There is a focus on increasing employee engagement. 

Many employers are afraid that their investment into their employees’ development won’t pay off, or that they will end up leaving their organization anyway. This can happen, however the best way to help secure commitment from your employees is to implement an engagement strategy

Organizations can help create higher levels of commitment and help improve engagement by properly meeting employees’ basic needs with clear goals, expectations, sincere recognition, and by using the right materials and equipment. 

People tend to leave organizations if they are not engaged in their work or committed, even if they are giving a lot of development and other learning opportunities. 

Development doesn’t only mean promotion. 

One big mistake many companies make about development is that they associate it with promotion. While promotions are a great tool for effective development, they don’t always need to be in the picture. In many cases, employees who are great at what they currently do don’t necessarily want to be promoted, however they still want opportunities for growth. 

Development should mainly include a process of getting to know each employee’s unique talents and finding roles, positions or projects which let them use those talents and abilities to build up their strengths.

Giving employees opportunities that allow them to get to know themselves, develop what they are good at and use their talents and strengths each day at work can be vastly more fulfilling than simply taking on a new title for many employees.

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Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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