December 06, 2022

Client Spotlight: Qristen Bouey, Corporate Trainer, Dog Haus

Dana Bernardino

HQ: Pasadena, California | Locations: 90

As our friends at Dog Haus like to say, they’re not just fast food or fast casual– they’re Craft Casual.

“Any decision of what we put in our food and even the vendors that we work with is always gonna be quality. That is the basis of what we do.”

That’s something Dog Haus’ Qristen Bouey takes seriously, and not just when it  comes to what’s on the menu. Head of Training, Qristen is in charge of making sure that the same high standards that go into choosing the ingredients for their award winning all-beef Haus Dogs apply to what goes into their trainings, too. 

That’s why, for them, 1Huddle was a no-brainer. 

 “[Choosing a product like 1Huddle] always goes back to its uniqueness and quality, right? […] There is nothing else like this on the market.”

For her the critical difference is time and application.

Time. You can whip out content in a fraction of the time of using an LMS, like a traditional LMS system.

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What follows is a full transcript of our conversation, edited for length and clarity.

Full Transcript

Qristen Bouey: Hi, my name is Qristen Bouey. I am one of the trainers and working operations department of Dog Haus here in lovely Pasadena, California. 

World famous for our hot dogs, sausages, and burgers, based out of Pasadena, California, which is just also luckily where I grew up. So that’s a nice hometown feel for me. What makes us special is just the uniqueness and the quality that we put into everything. So any decision of what we put in our food and even the vendors that we work with is always gonna be quality.

That is the basis of what we do.

You guys have been a customer for a while. And you’ve seen a lot of stuff in the market. You’ve mentioned your background prior to Dog Haus. What was one of the reasons you guys decided to go with a product like 1Huddle? 

QB: Always goes back to uniqueness and quality, right?

So like, there is nothing else like this on the market. There’s no way that you can do any sort of training or what we do of just getting our team, the foundational knowledge of Dog Haus as quickly, you know? We try to hit it from all angles, right? We’re still gonna go over the new hire packet, right?

We’re still gonna go over some paper stuff. But in terms of just getting them in it, and focused, and giving them the most important knowledge that they need to be a successful person in the company, and be a successful location, that is what 1Huddle can do for us. 

What is your favorite part of 1Huddle?

QB: You can’t say all of it. It’s all great. But the ease of use. I’m gonna actually make that my number one answer. It’s just the ease of use is both the person creating content and the games and managing that back end of it. And then also as a player, it’s just so easy to use and there’s so many cool parts and tools available to you.

To you, how would you describe 1Huddle to someone if you were just having a conversation in your own words?

QB: Normally I just whip out my phone and go, ‘Hey, this is this cool app that we use for training in our company.’

Gamified, right? So I can pick any content, anything I want to train and I can easily turn it into a trivia game and it’s not just gonna say like, ‘No, you were wrong,’ It’s gonna say, ‘No, you’re wrong and this is the correct answer.’ Oh, and guess what? You can play again and keep playing until you master it and earn that trophy. 

Brands today are still using the old stuff like LMS and just training manuals. What would you say is the biggest difference between using stuff like that versus 1Huddle? 

QB: Time. You can whip out content in a fraction of the time of using an LMS, like a traditional LMS system. 

Tell me about the people that are playing. Is there any surprising feedback that you get? 

QB: A player who you go in and they played 1500 games that month and you’re just like, that’s a lot of games.

That’s what, 50 a day?

And so for them to find it engaging enough or, you know, or they’re just so motivated to win whatever contest their location is holding, like, to me that’s really surprising because I don’t know if I find anything else that’s engaging. I can’t even usually sit and watch a TV show.

So for them to just be that engaged and hopefully entertained and really get the knowledge that we’re trying to give them. You know, I think that’s really great. Be able to hold their other team members accountable for the actions that they’re taking. They’re able to just be the know-it-all of that restaurant and I was that kid in elementary school.

And so for them to just have now the most knowledge they can be looked at. And we try to encourage, our franchisees to use people’s play like that as an incentive. Also, when they’re thinking about raises or promotions,look to that, look to those players to really lead everyone.  

Is there anything else you wanted to add? That was my final question. Any final words you wanted to share? 

QB: 1Huddle’s the best. Hands down. 

Mic drop! Thank you, Qristen! If you’re a customer and would like to be featured in a testimonial like this one, let us know! Send us an email at

Until next time, back to work!

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Dana Bernardino, Manager of Digital Marketing at 1Huddle

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