March 28, 2022

Build The Best Workplace Training For The Next Normal

Sam Caucci

Many industries have had to make significant shifts for the next normal in a post-pandemic economy. To reduce burnout while increasing employee training and development, you must adopt a technique that works for the modern employee. Boring slideshows, videos, and outdated workbooks should be left in the past.

1Huddle’s training platform uses mechanics such as struggle-based learning, gamification, and mobile accessibility to keep your workplace engaged and productive. Let’s talk about how we use these powerful mechanics to boost your workplace productivity and training.

Eliminate Your Top-Heavy Management Model

Management often spends countless hours supervising, training, and ensuring the quality of work. This approach is not just ineffective, It’s outdated, and tiresome for everyone involved! Offering employees training and development opportunities allows them to not only get better at their jobs but makes them more likely to stay with you long term. This reduces the time management needs to devote to holding the hands of more than capable employees. This also adds to an employee’s confidence and overall workplace satisfaction.

Stop hand-holding and give your employees the freedom to grow! 

Giving your employees development opportunities allows them to accept and appreciate more responsibilities. Allow your employees to make executive decisions and take the lead with different projects. When leaders trust their employees, thanks to a comprehensive training and development program, they have more time to focus on the big picture.

It’s Time To Improve Training

We are experiencing unprecedented times; this not only affects our daily lives but causes massive industry shifts. Updating your training programs improves employee engagement, retention, and productivity. 

Ongoing training is the only way forward, period. Here are five ways 1Huddle can be used to build an ongoing training and development program that will win in the future of work:

Every Worker

Job training is not just for new hires but for every worker. 1Huddle’s interactive employee training is customizable for every level of employee. Training and development are necessary from your newest employees to your oldest. They are particularly important for improving employee engagement and satisfaction. 1Huddle uses gamification to make training fun, keeping employees engaged and invested in daily training. From construction workers, restaurant workers, government officials to military recruits, 1Huddle offers relevant, impactful training.

Every Manager

Training is not just for entry-level employees, but for management and leadership teams as well. If you don’t think your leaders need constant training and development, you’re playing a dangerous game with your company culture. Leaders need continuous opportunities to become better leaders and improve how they coach and develop a team. The modern employee has different values and drivers than they did 5 or 10 years ago. If employees are expected to continue adding to their skillset, the leadership team should set the example. 1Huddle also offers these leaders an opportunity to get in the action and train with their teams, providing valuable insights on their participation and performance.

Every Day

Stop blocking out days for long, boring seminars and training sessions. Or worse yet, making employees sign up for expensive training courses.

With 1Huddle, employees can engage in training every day. Our training can be quick, allowing employees to engage in training whenever they can fit it in. Training and development initiatives should not be disruptive but fit into your employee’s daily routine. The easier it is for employees, the more often they will engage.


With traditional training methods, employees often lose 87% of what they learn in 30 days or less. 1Huddle’s interactive employee training platform uses gamification software to give instruction in short, fun gaming sessions. This makes training fun and helps employees retain more information. Not only is training easier and more enjoyable with 1Huddle, but it is also more effective. A study by USF shows that 1Huddle participants learned 45% faster than traditional video-based training. 


1Huddle is a mobile app that allows your employees to train on the train, during lunch, on the couch, or in an Uber. Our main goal is to make training an easy addition to a team’s workload. No stress, whenever and wherever your employees have the time, they can learn and develop new skills. The training options never have to end, and continuous learning can become something that your employees not only use but love.

Traditional job training can be painful. It is often time-consuming and ineffective. 1Huddle has improved upon every aspect of training, allowing it to easily and affordably fit into any industry’s training programs. Use 1Huddle for:

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Leadership
  • Compliance
  • And more!

1Huddle is currently helping thousands of businesses in industries such as restaurants, retail, finance, hospitality, government, non-profits, healthcare, franchising, and more. No matter what you do, we are here to offer continuous learning opportunities for you! Ready to get started? Request a demo, and let’s level up your training and development ASAP.

Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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