November 17, 2021

Using Automation in Your Hiring Process

Sam Caucci

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Automation technology has been transforming the world and the workplace for quite some time. More than 75% of recruiters admit that technology will play a big role in their hiring process moving forward. So it’s not a stretch to say that recruitment departments will begin to rely on automation to help them streamline their hiring processes.

What are the benefits of using automation for recruitment?

Recruiters can benefit from using recruitment automation in many different ways. Here are some examples of the most meaningful advantages that automation can bring to your company. 

Better productivity levels.

Automation won’t replace recruiters, but it can help empower them to increase their productivity by helping them work more efficiently and it will also allow them to make decisions quicker. Automating parts of the hiring process like resume screening and interview scheduling can allow recruiters to focus on more demanding work. 

Higher quality of hire. 

Not only does recruiting automation increase efficiency, but it can also improve the overall quality of the candidates that a company hires. It can allow recruiters to only spend time interviewing and hiring candidates who have the characteristics to be able to succeed in a particular role. 

Automation helps with more consistent hiring decisions across the board, because it can be programmed to remove any variables that do not contribute to predicting a candidate’s job performance. This can be important in industries such as retail, food or in call centers where recruiters need to review and evaluate hundreds or thousands of candidates each month to fill job positions. 

Greater candidate experience.

Not only does automation benefit the recruiters who use it, but it can also benefit job seekers . When you automate certain parts of the hiring process, recruiters are able to better focus on building out relationships with candidates, while the candidates can experience a smoother process, get instant responses and don’t need to wait too long for a hiring decision. 

Reduce unconscious bias.

Everyone has biases which help them make quick decisions, but sometimes these biases prevent us from making the right decisions without us even realizing. Utilizing technology and automation can help reduce these biases when it comes to screening, assessing and ranking candidates to make sure that things remain objective throughout the process. 

Relying on automation can help you find qualified candidates while also ensuring that you create or maintain diversity within the workplace.

How can automation be used in the hiring process?

You can use automation technology in almost every stage of the hiring process, all the way from application, down to the final decision. 

Resume Screening

One of the most popular and most promising applications for recruitment automation is to use it for resume screening. This is because manually screening resumes is the most time-consuming stage of screening candidates. Plus, most of the resumes received are from candidates who are considered unqualified. 

However, resume screening technology has recently become available, and it can automate the resume screening process by using software that is able to learn what the job requirements are. Then, it can learn what makes a candidate qualified based on previous hiring decisions. 

Using this technology for data insights can help you evaluate talent automatically. By inputting employee data on performance and term, the software is able to understand what makes an employee successful or unsuccessful. 

Using recruitment automation for screening can significantly reduce time to hire, because it takes care of a time-consuming task that recruiters don’t like doing anyway. And it allows them to spend their time on other, more valuable priorities like speaking with candidates to get to know them and make sure they’re a cultural fit for the company. 

Job Advertising

Another part of the recruitment process that can be automated well is with something called “programmatic job advertising” which is the “purchasing, publishing and optimizing of job ads by electronic software rather than actual people”. Automating the placement of your job opening ads can help you better target your ideal candidates on the net. 

Not only will your ads be seen by more candidates, but this software will also help you save money on ads that have low or no return on investment through automated advertising budget management. This can reduce the costs per applicant by over 30% which is a great reduction in cost per hire and job ad spends


In a candidate-driven market, your potential candidate’s onboarding experience can make or break their decision to accept your job offer. Using chatbots as a form of recruitment automation can help improve their experience by giving out timely or instant updates on their application during the hiring process. 

Recruitment automation using data driven chatbots allows recruiters to give candidates updates in real time by being able to send them pre-qualifying questions and providing them with feedback, updates and their next steps. All this without taking up any more of the recruiters’ time. 

Automated systems can help you enhance both your recruiters’ and candidates’ experiences during the hiring and onboarding process by allowing both of them to save time and have a more pleasant experience. 

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Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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