November 23, 2022

Let’s Talk Turkey: 5 Fresh Thanksgiving Day Games from 1Huddle

Dani Cahn

The turkeys have been pardoned, there’s a chill in the air– and for some, nearly 7 feet of snow on the ground. Yes, that’s right, the holidays are officially here.

And first up, is Turkey Day.

This is easily the busiest time of the year for our retail and restaurant customers. We know you’re focussed on building the 1Huddle games  your team needs to keep up with limited time offers, special menu items, and Black Friday deals, but we’ve got a few suggestions, just for fun. 

We promise, these 5 Turkey Day Game ideas will help mix it up and keep it light, so your team’s holiday spirits stay high and their urge to “quiet quit”  stays low.

  1. Give Thanks for Trivia

We have so much to be thankful for– including Thanksgiving trivia!

Did you know that the first Thanksgiving feast lasted three days, that there’s an island in Australia that celebrates Thanksgiving, too, or that President Calvin Coolidge was once sent a raccoon to be served as Thanksgiving dinner

(Don’t worry– the President became so smitten with the furry animal that  not only did he pardon her, he named her Rebecca and adopted her as his pet.) 

There are tons of zany facts to choose from for this game– including plenty more just on Rebecca the raccoon— that will be sure to delight.

  1. The Blackest Friday 

Did you know that the term Black Friday dates back to the U.S. stock market crash of Friday, Sept. 24, 1869? Or that, in the 1950’s, American factories used “Black Friday” to refer to the workers who called in sick after Thanksgiving?

Or that Black Friday shopping causes more deaths than shark attacks?

Neither did I. Which makes a game on “Black Friday” trivia  a pretty fun idea.

  1. Let’s Talk Turkey

How about a game that uses every part of the bird?

From the fact that adult male turkeys are called toms and baby turkeys are sometimes called turklettes; to the fact that, though they prefer to run, wild turkeys can fly, and that the weird loose red skin on the underside of a turkey’s beak is called a wattle– there’s a lot we can learn about our feathered friends.

  1. To Stuff, or Not to Stuff

What better way for new seasonal hires to get to know their teammates than by learning about their holiday traditions! Starting of course, with what’s for Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Pardon me, Turkey

According to the Washington Post, this year’s turkeys celebrated their pardoning with “loud, ecstasy-filled gobbles that resounded throughout the Rose Garden ceremony,” – all while President Biden’s German shepherd, Commander, watched from a second-floor balcony.

Yes, Chocolate and Chip are two lucky birds. But they’re only the latest in a long line of them! 

A game on this annual White House ritual would be the perfect way to kickback after eating some of their not so lucky brethren. 

Check back here in the coming weeks for more holiday game  ideas. 

For now, back to work!

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