December 12, 2020

24 Top New Games

Dana Safa Bernardino

With 1Huddle’s new on-demand game marketplace, we have transformed best-selling nonfiction books, seminars, and workshops from elite partners in every industry into hundreds of quick-burst games that cover 16 unique workforce skill areas. 1Huddle and our partners are constantly adding new games to the shop that every 1Huddle player can access as soon as they go live. This week, we’ve added more new games than ever. We know our players want to stay up-to-date with the latest content, but having so many games to choose from can be overwhelming. Nobody wants to spend more time scrolling and less time playing. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are the 24 best new games every 1Huddle player should check out this week:

Covenant House
1. Covenant House

Game Creator: Covenant House 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: Covenant House provides housing and comprehensive supportive services to youth experiencing homelessness, abuse, neglect, and trafficking. 

2. Lululemon

Game Creator: Lululemon 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: The global athletic retailer with over 460 stores and $4 billion in revenue.

All About Newark
3. All About Newark

Game Creator: 1Huddle 
Category: Business & Markets 
Description: One of America’s oldest cities and a major hub for air, shipping and rail.

Dunkin Donuts
4. Dunkin Donuts

Game Creator: Dunkin’ 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: The hit multinational coffee and donut company with over 12,000 locations!

Its The Manager
5. It’s The Manager 

Game Creator: Jim Clifton and Jim Harter 
Category: Books & Entertainment 
Description: The renowned bestseller on the largest global future of work study is based on 30 years of research of 60 million workers across 49 industries and 73 countries.             

6. NJ Reentry

Game Creator: New Jersey Reentry Corporation 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: NJRC helps formerly incarcerated citizens gain meaningful employment in the state of New Jersey.

7. School Justice Project

Game Creator: SJP 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: SJP helps older, court-involved students with disabilities access a quality education.

All Stars
8. All Stars Project, Inc.

Game Creator: All Stars Project 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: ASP transforms the lives of inner-city youth and their communities using the power of performance.

SGAP Leaders
9. SGAP Leaders

Game Creator: Student Government Affairs Program 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: SGAP motivates students to find solutions to real-world problems.

Confessions of a Serial Salesman
10. Confessions of a Serial Salesman

Game Creator: Steve Nudelberg 
Category: Books & Entertainment 
Description: This national bestseller gives 27 rules for influencers and leaders to change your life and business.

Getting to Yes
11. Getting to Yes

Game Creator:Roger Fisher and William Ury 
Category: Books & Entertainment 
Description: The global bestseller with a proven step-by-step negotiation strategy to get you to “yes” every time.

All About Paris
12. All About Paris

Game Creator: 1Huddle 
Category: Business & Markets 
Description:The French capital and global hub for art, fashion, culture and history.

Franchising 101
13. Franchising 101

Game Creator: IFA 
Category: Diversity & Inclusion 
Description: The game to master franchising: an essential part of today’s economy.

Goldman Sachs-1
14. Goldman Sachs

Game Creator: Goldman Sachs 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: A leading global investment banking, securities and management firm.

15. ShopRite

Game Creator: ShopRite 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: New Jersey’s largest food retailer and the number one supermarket in all of the greater NYC area.  

Trader Joes
16. Trader Joe’s

Game Creator: Trader Joe’s 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: The fresh format grocery chain with over 500 stores and $13 billion in revenue.

Johnson & Johnson
17. Johnson & Johnson

Game Creator: Johnson & Johnson 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: Ranked 37 on the Fortune 500 list with over $82 billion in annual revenue.

18. Lowe’s

Game Creator: Lowe’s 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: The world’s second-largest hardware chain with over 300,000 employees.

19. Publix

Game Creator: 1Huddle 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description:An employee-owned grocery chain ranked as a top company to work for!

20. Wegmans

Game Creator: Wegmans 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: This grocer ranked number three on Fortune’s list of the Top 100 Companies to Work For in 2019.

21. UNFI

Game Creator: UNFI 
Category: Company & Trivia 
Description:The popular food wholesaler that’s headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island.

Shake Shack
22. Shake Shack

Game Creator: Shake Shack 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: This fast casual food chain based in NYC started out as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe
23. Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Game Creator: Tropical Smoothie Cafe 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: The popular smoothie franchise with over 850 locations nationwide.

Gregorys Coffee
24. Gregorys Coffee

Game Creator: Gregorys Coffee 
Category: Company Trivia 
Description: Did you know this NYC coffee roaster’s logo is designed to look like its founder?

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Dana Safa Bernardino, Manager of Digital Marketing at 1Huddle

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