June 17, 2022

Employee Training with 1Huddle Versus LMS – What’s the Difference?

Sam Caucci

1Huddle vs LMS

When we talk about employee training and education, the one thing that instantly came into mind is development. Irrespective of the approach or training method, the aim is to help employees grow to make a profit eventually. And essentially, this is why companies nowadays are looking for intuitive training methods. 

Over 80% of companies in the United States use different learning management systems (LMS) to train and educate employees. Many companies believe using various eLearning tools has put them ahead of competitors.  

On top of that, 40% of employees prefer browsing Google rather than using the company’s eLearning system to find solutions to problems. This means some eLearning platforms fail to meet the learning expectations and needs of employees. 

And even if employees use learning management apps, they forget 87% of what they’ve learned within 30 days. This is where 1Huddle comes to your rescue. It offers science-based mobile games that take employee retention, engagement, and skills to the next level. And we bet your employees will love our games!

The basic differences between 1Huddle and LMS include:

1Huddle LMS 
Speed Managers can build interactive games using 1Huddle in less than 10 minutes. And each game in the system takes no more than 3 minutes to complete. In LMS, companies need to plan and create content before launching the learning management app. The work also involves planning, organizing, and building, which can be time-consuming. 
Difficulty Level Accessing quick-burst games on 1Huddle is so simple. No prior information to play or create the games is required.Companies may need to schedule meetings and training sessions to guide employees on how to use the employee training programs. 
Engagement You’re playing GAMES! Need we say more? LMS requires you to go back and forth to track and manage training material, hampering the engagement rate. 
Time Management Employees retain information faster and effectively through the 1Huddle’s science-backed employee training system.In most LMS’, employees need to go through various documents, videos, infographics, and instruction guides, which involve more time and energy.   

What LMS Can Provide? 

LMS is a software application that operates on two elements – user interface and server. These web-based employee training programs work on different devices: laptops, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones to access training material any time that’s convenient. 

LMS provides access to necessary training materials, including videos, presentations, document files, and infographics to understand the company’s operation. 

Most employers or companies use LMS to track employee performance, engagement rate, response rate, and employee online training initiatives. You can also look for support during a training session or discussion with your supervisor on the LMS. 

What Makes 1Huddle Different? 

1Huddle converts everything into quick-burst mobile games to save employee training and onboarding time. It promotes faster learning to increase sales, employee retention, and job satisfaction. 

We’re a continuous reskilling and upskilling digital platform that ensures you learn everything in a game. These science-backed games are available on different platforms, including Android, iOS, smartphones, and desktops, to make them more accessible to employees, especially while working in a remote setting. 

And with 1Huddle, you don’t need to use templated LMS for your company because we offer the opportunity to customize the platform. You can add your logos and branding to make your employee training tracking software more inclusive. 

We have an exclusive game marketplace with over 1,000 quick-burst games transformed from best-selling employee training seminars, workshops, and books. These games are developed across sixteen different workforce skill areas, including sales, customer service, communication, safety and compliance, and diversity and inclusion. 

Benefits of 1Huddle 

Opting for a learning management system may prove beneficial for your company, but is it really going to help you in the long run? This is the question you should be asking if you aim to build a successful company.

There are many advantages of 1Huddle you should know before investing in the LMS:

  • It makes employee training easy, fast, and more fun;
  • It saves time in training and educating employees to derive more sales and profits;
  • Quick-based games energize and motivate employees to thrive better;
  • 1Huddle attracts young and well-informed millennials who spend more than 10,000 hours playing games;
  • We’re purpose-built employee training tracking software that’s customizable as per the client’s needs and requirements;
  • Managers get access to real-time performance data to reward top players;
  • You get instant feedback from the performance to identify knowledge gaps to work upon improvement and future training.

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Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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