June 28, 2022

Top 5 Employee Training Program Mistakes 

Sam Caucci

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If you’re put in charge of an employee training program at your company, it’s easy to approach this task with overconfidence. After all, you’re being brought in for your expertise, right? That means you know all the right moves for both in-person and online employee training. 

However, there’s a big difference between knowing something and being able to teach it. And there’s an even larger gap between teaching and setting up an entire employee training program.

Of course, we’re not here to intimidate you. It’s just that there have been plenty of employee training programs that have come before you that ended up making easily avoidable mistakes. The good news is, however, that you can learn from these mistakes and avoid them. We’ve got a list of some of the most common mistakes made by employee training programs so you can prevent them.

#1: No Employee Input

Yes, you’re the expert. We mentioned this already, didn’t we? You’re in a position where you have the expertise, the knowledge, and the training. But what you don’t necessarily have is an insight into the experiences and needs of every employee. This doesn’t mean you need to turn the employee training program creation process entirely over to your employees. But you should get feedback on what employees want out of it. This helps you make the training more effective and, crucially, boosts engagement and course completion. 

#2: Employee Training Tracking Gaps

A good training tracker isn’t just about measuring course completion. A good employee training program will come equipped with a variety of metrics. It’s not just about checking off if employees are completing your learning programs. You need to view how your employees are performing in certain areas. Not only does this let you keep abreast of how your team’s training is really coming along, but it gives you valuable insight into how to modulate your employee training tracker and program in the future. 

#3: No Practical Work

The downfall of many employee training programs is one-sidedness. You distribute information to your teams and expect them to digest it as quickly as possible. However, every employee learns differently. For many of them, they’re only going to really process information by applying or testing it. This is why quizzes and games are such great learning exercises. They let an employee directly put their new knowledge to the test. They can instantly confirm what they understand and what they need to cycle back through, vastly improving the effectiveness of the employee training program. Never just deliver information and leave it at that. 

#4: Not Inclusive

Training needs to apply equally and be accessible to everyone in the organization. If a team member can’t fully connect with an employee training program, then it’s not going to give them the entire experience. Partially, making training inclusive means being aware of your own unconscious biases and experiences. Not every employee will automatically approach problems the same way as you, or know everything you do. Put yourself in the shoes of a new hire.

However, it’s also vital you be inclusive as far as accessibility is concerned. Both physical and remote workers need to access the training just as quickly. Ideally, your employee training program should be fully mobile-based to best accommodate the broadest range of employees. 

#5: Not Flexible 

Making sure your employee training program is fully mobile is a great way to make the program more inclusive. But it also helps make it more flexible and accommodating. No good employee training program will include portions that make work from home mandatory. Similarly, no good employee training program will involve taking massive chunks of time off work. Small, manageable chunks during the day, at your employee’s own pace, are always the way to go.

And with 1Huddle, it can be the way your employee training program goes as well. With 1Huddle, your training program will be naturally flexible, inclusive, and trackable. Now you don’t need to worry about making the worst mistakes in corporate training. 

Sam Caucci Founder & CEO at 1Huddle