April 01, 2022

Why 1Huddle is Revolutionizing Learning Management

Sam Caucci

If you own a business, then onboarding, training, and development are probably topics that run through your mind quite often. Many organizations pay for expensive learning management systems for their employees. But LMS on their own is not enough anymore. Modern workforces demand more. Employees need a tool that can keep them engaged, boost productivity, and most importantly, stop wasting time through mundane and lackluster training sessions. 

1Huddle is the answer you’re looking for. Adding 1Huddle to your training regime will boost the impact of your training in a variety of ways – reducing employee churn, boosting sales, reducing wasted time, and increasing employee engagement. 

Prepare People To Win At Work

When you invest in employee training and development, they return the favor by bringing more value to the business. An engaged employee who is consistently learning more about the company, industry, and their specific role will be more productive; it’s just a fact. While LMS systems can be beneficial, employees often lose 87% of what they’ve learned in 30 days. This is why ongoing training and learning apps like 1Huddle should accompany your LMS system or replace it altogether.

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Fast & Efficient

If you’ve used an LMS before, you know how taxing it can be to set up. On average, it takes 108 hours to set up a course on an LMS. This not only costs your business hundreds of dollars but hundreds of hours of your staff’s time! 1Huddle takes minutes to build a new game, allowing your team to start our training games immediately. We also offer an on-demand game marketplace, the Shop, where you can access over 2,500 pre-built games for your employees.

Not only is 1Huddle easier to set up, but our average length of each training session is around 3 minutes. This allows employees to engage every day, whenever they want. Compared to LMS systems that lock employees down for 30 minutes or more.

It’s obvious what’s the better solution. 

Learning Made Fun

With our interactive quick-burst games, employees have fun and participate in healthy competition with their coworkers, all while soaking in a wide assortment of information. Once you start playing and watching that scoreboard, it becomes a bit addictive. Tens of millions of games have been played on 1Huddle, with that number rapidly growing. 

You wouldn’t have believed us if we told you ten years ago that workplace training would become addictive. 1Huddle’s participation rate amongst our users is over 99.1%, with 71% of participation clocked outside of working hours. Employees choose to train in their free time, proving it is something they value.

Reduces Turnover

Employee training and development are viewed as a benefit in the eyes of workers. Offering employees the opportunity to add to their skill set is no longer just a ‘nice to have.’ Your top talent will quit, turn down job offers and search for new opportunities when they feel their development is not a priority.

Employees that receive better training and have access to ongoing training have higher employee satisfaction. The more knowledgeable and confident employees feel in their roles, the more productive and engaged they become. This builds a more collaborative, innovative, and comfortable workforce pushing each other towards that next goal. Employees that take initiative help management focus on the big picture rather than hand-holding. 

1Huddle is for every worker and ensures equal opportunities, access, and respect for everyone. Energize and engage your entire workforce with training that works. As a mobile-first ongoing training program, we are the clear first choice. 

Jump On The 1Huddle Train

We’re in a digital revolution, and it’s time to elevate your training, or you WILL fall behind. 1Huddle is here to help boost your ongoing training, offering employees the best learning and development platform available. Join hundreds of organizations that are revolutionizing online employee training and development, from all sorts of industries.

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Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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