June 17, 2022

Importance of Nonprofit Organization Online Training 

Sam Caucci

A nonprofit organization is a legal entity that works and earns profit for the betterment of a community, the public, or society. Non-profit organizations support different scientific, educational, charitable, recreational, or environmental causes through various funding programs. 

Non-profit organizations achieve their goals with the help of highly trained employees. Non-profit employees are often expected to have exceptional expertise and work competencies as they work toward a goal led by a cause. You might need to wear many hats to help the organization achieve its mission and vision. 

With changing workplace conditions and market demands, even non-profit employees require a skill update. But the importance of employee training is often overlooked by non-profit organizations since they’re considered expensive and time-consuming. 

Keep reading to find out why employee training is important and how you can do it in an inexpensive and timely way. 

Why Nonprofit Employee Training is Important 

 Many people work in a nonprofit organization for a variety of reasons, including:

  • finding a work-life balance;
  • gaining work experience applies largely to new graduates); 
  • for the betterment of the public or society; 
  • to do something goal-driven or meaningful. 

Many employees work selflessly and often accept less remuneration to achieve the predetermined goals of an organization. Most of them expect their organizations to conduct management development programs to optimize their skill set. In most cases, employee training and development programs help achieve the following:

1) Employee Retention 

Eighty-seven percent of millennials believe development opportunities and professional growth are significant aspects of any job. Offering nonprofit employees an opportunity to learn and grow will ensure job satisfaction, which aids employee retention. 

2) Employee Productivity 

Do you ever wonder how to increase productivity in the workplace? The answer is simple: introduce an employee training and management development program. These plans add to the efficiency and effectiveness of your employees, increasing employee productivity and willingness to work. 

3) Culture of Learning 

By upskilling the employees through training and development, non-profit organizations develop a culture of learning. It encourages employees to stay engaged and promotes lifelong learning for overall growth and development. 

Different Development Goals for Nonprofits 

Nonprofit organizations have different goals than profit-driven organizations. These goals determine the type of management-development program they should introduce to optimize the skill set of their employees. 

1) Raise Brand Awareness 

Nonprofit organizations aim to raise brand awareness and let people know about the cause they’re working for, and they employ different methods and strategies to achieve that. From the staff development point of view, organizations can introduce new lessons in social media campaigns since it’s one of the powerful new-age communication tools. 

2) Increase Donation Money/Gifts 

A nonprofit organization runs through donations, funds, and gifts. And every month, they try to get more financial support to meet their goals. Considering technological advancements, these organizations can opt for non-profit online training methods to introduce concepts like digital crowdfunding to increase support for their cause. 

3) Increasing Reach on Different Platforms/Channels 

As your brand awareness grows, you can’t restrict your communication channel to one platform. It’s important to reach a maximum audience through different channels — digital, online, offline, and impersonal. You can train employees to manage and form strategies around these platforms for maximum reach and engagement.

Meeting Your Development Goals with 1Huddle 

Through innovation and technology, nonprofit-employee training and development has become faster, inexpensive, and intriguing. Nonprofit organizations can use online methods and software to offer their employees a holistic learning experience without worrying about cost and time. 

1Huddle is a game-building software that makes employee training up to 45% faster. The platform hosts science-backed games to help organizations drive meaningful campaigns, community-wide engagement, and train employees. 

The interactive quick-burst games on 1Huddle are accessible anywhere and everywhere, helping you save time and cost of building infrastructure. Nonprofit online training with 1Huddle provides you with access to valuable workplace skills to empower nonprofit employees with relevant knowledge. 

Through nonprofit online training, employees can learn about the different aspects of fundraising, advocacy, and community-building to support the organization’s cause. The gaming software also makes employee onboarding and upskilling speedy and convenient. 

Want to achieve your nonprofit goals? Try 1Huddle for employee training and development. Request a demo now!

Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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