April 08, 2022

Gamification is a Trusted Strategy for Remote Learning & Development for the Military

Sam Caucci

Duct tape, digital photography, sanitary napkins – militaries worldwide have been delivering innovations to us for decades, and the American Armed Forces are no exception. Another area where the military is always on the cutting edge is gamification. This goes beyond the famous example of using video games to help drive recruitment. 

There is also extensive use of gamification for learning and development in the military. Only the best techniques will do when it comes to upskilling in the military. Making sure that military members are up to date on training is vital when lives and million-dollar pieces of equipment are on the line.

Here, we’ll discuss just some ways that innovation is on display in learning and development in the military through gamification. Just like with other military innovations, keep an eye out for ideas you can take for your own business! The best part of gamification in the military (or any industry) is how much of it can now be done remotely. 


The “original” form of gamification in the military would have to be the use of simulations. These were ways for the military to test a trainee’s aptitude with valuable military equipment like planes or submarines without actually sending a recruit off with these multi-million dollar pieces of equipment. 

Early simulations were just, well, simulations. However, they eventually began to incorporate more of what we think of as gamification. This meant that users could be scored on how well they performed in the simulation, have goals assigned that they need to complete training or compete with other trainees.

When we think of military simulations, we often think of big flight simulation pods. However, simulation today only needs a smartphone. It’s not just vehicular simulations that are relevant. Officers can use remote gamification to practice simulations where they handle managing resources or organizing logistics. The gamification of these simulations allows them to quickly run through different scenarios and try to nab the best results. 

Core Skills

Not every example of gamification in the military comes down to a fancy or complicated simulation. There’d be no military without training and drills. You may think your job is stressful, but in the military, they might have to do their work under enemy fire. This means that they can’t just be good at their skills. Their skills need to be second nature to them, able to be performed by near instinct.

A lot of this upskilling in the military comes down to physical training. But there’s a lot of learning and development in the military that can be done through remote training. From military engineers and medics memorizing correct procedures to officers training on making snap leadership decisions, gamification is the best way to hammer in the essential skills.

Workplace Culture

Few workplaces can boast a culture as storied, intense, and integral as the military. But just because the military has a culture with a weight of tradition and history behind it doesn’t mean that there’s no room to improve. 

For example, the Air Force has worked with 1Huddle to provide training in regards to Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR), innovation, and leadership. Company culture isn’t something that can be changed overnight, nor something that can be created whole-cloth. And your company doesn’t have to be the United States Military to have things like proper discipline, innovation, and leadership matter to you.  

And, just like 1Huddle has helped the Armed Forces, 1Huddle can help your business level up as well. Better training starts today, so request a demo now!

Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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