August 27, 2021

7 Takeaways from “Keeping Your Team Together” Webinar

Bri Hernandez

No one knows business better than business owners.

Our Founder and CEO, Sam Caucci, along with other 1Huddle team members caught up with Diane Ecton, the District Manager at Vineyard Vines to talk about how to keep your team connected in the face of a pandemic. 

During these unprecedented times, staying connected and working together is crucial. And, like they say, teamwork really makes the dream work. Here are top takeaways from our “Keeping Your Team Together” webinar. 

Top 3 Highlights

  1. How you act, how you behave, how you adjust, the way that you lead and operate is important. Your team is going to be watching and they’re following your lead.
  2. Invest time in leadership development.
  3. The team needs to understand the company’s values.

All Highlights

  1. In certain ways we’re more efficient working remotely.
  2. Culture and leadership are important in the workforce.
  3. Leaders should be trying to keep their workers happy.
  4. Keeping your team engaged is crucial.

The pandemic was a huge hit to business owners, but the smart ones are taking advantage of this time to evaluate what they’re doing and improving.

Want to see more from this webinar? Head over to the 1Huddle Events Page and watch the full event recording of Keeping Your Team Together.”

Now, back to work.

Bri Hernandez, Chief of Staff

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