is Broken.

Most training doesn't work. Employees forget 70% of what they learn within just 3 days when using traditional methods. It's not enough.

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Peter Brown

Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

"The central part of learning is interrupting forgetting. A recent study of a forgetting curve showed that 70% of what we learn is forgotten immediately and the next 30% slowly over time."


3 Keys to make it stick

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1. Struggle

Research proves that struggle is critical to the learning process. Increasing difficulty drives stronger retention potential.

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2. Variation

Mix it up! Varying content results in stronger encoding (and, therefore better recall when it matters most).

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3. Competition

Dopamine is a powerful driver of the memory building process. It must be present if you want to build habits that stick.

Training is broken.

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83% increase

Companies using 1Huddle saw an 83% increase in
performance over existing tools.

We found that there are two ways to use 1Huddle to boost memory and performance in workers.


Option 1:
Games + Training

Research proves that using 1Huddle alongside existing training methods (video, classroom, etc.) results in stronger knowledge retention and performance.

Option 2:
instead of training

It’s not even close! Research proves that using 1Huddle is a more effective way of deploying new information, communication and training.

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"LMS cannot do this."

Alan Ross, CEO at Hyundai South Africa


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