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of the workforce is a millennial or Gen-Z


are competitive

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employees think they perform
better than coworkers

10,000 Hours

The average millennial will have played over 10,000 hours of games before the age of 21.



Gamification engages and motivates people across all kinds of activities using game mechanics such as badges, points, levels, and leaderboards.


Brian Burke

Gamify: How Gamification Motivates People To Do Extraordinary Things

"Gamification takes a lesson from games. No one reads a manual to play Angry Birds. You simply start, and develop the skills as you progress.

The difficulty of the challenges increases as players develop skills."

You can learn anything
from a game.

Level up your workforce using science-backed, quick-burst mobile games — built for sales and service teams — proven to increase revenue and 5-star reviews.

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Struggle is a critical part of the learning process, but our training has never been easier. In order for employees to grasp new ideas, we must train them with tools that challenge them.

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