Onboard, upskill and retain your workforce

Elevate your workforce using science-backed, quick-burst mobile games – built for sales and service teams, proven to increase revenue and 5-star reviews.

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Onboard, upskill, and retain your workforce. In under 3 minutes a day, your employees are energized, engaged, and ready to work.

"The fastest way to help our account executives learn, grow, and retain our training."
Rob Sine, President at IMG Learfield Ticketing

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The fastest way to...

Turn managers into leaders. Save your managers time, free them up to lead, and give them a path to grow in their career.

What compels me as a manager is my employees are training themselves on their own time. 72% of gameplay happened outside of the 9-5, Monday through Friday. They're getting better at their job outside of work. The gamified platform makes it a world you want to be in.
Jarred Fajerski, VP at Hand and Stone Massage

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The fastest way to...

Elevate employees, elevate culture. With proven game mechanics, games are the fast, fun, and no-fluff way to increase adoption and employee engagement.

"I can actually see myself learning faster with 1Huddle."
Kelly, Retail Associate at Hand and Stone

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With 1HUDDLE, we did more training in the last 30 days than we did in the last 6 months.

We know how effective it is. That confidence means the world for someone in my situation.

1HUDDLE is easy, fun and effective. It's a trainer's dream.

Any industry. any size.

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