We believe everyone who works hard deserves to be trained.

A message from Sam, our founder:

A job is powerful. It's not only a major part of a person's identity but a driving force in our economy. We can agree the global workforce is changing rapidly. There's a greater need than ever to focus on the education, training, and development of the people that move us forward. It's every organization's responsibility to prepare its people for the challenges of their job and empower them to innovate. That's how we turn jobs into meaningful work.

We've grown from a 1-day workshop to a training platform changing the way companies prepare their people. From higher-ed to professional sports, local cities to public service, 1HUDDLE is with you.


Our Mission

"The other learning platforms had no soul to them whatsoever."
-Kirk Madsen, Salis Holdings

We're on a mission to ensure people get the training they deserve. That's why we created a workforce training platform using science-backed, quick-burst games.

Meet our team

We're the people driving 1HUDDLE's mission to get your employees ready to work.


Sam Caucci

CEO & Founder


Roger Bernardino

VP, Business Development


Eddie Jimenez

VP, Business Development


Jared Center

Director, Client Services


Rakesh Raju

Chief Technology Officer


Ben Powers

Director, Client Support


Oliver Kaczor

Account Executive

We're grateful for our supporters.

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With 1HUDDLE, we did more training in the last 30 days than we did in the last 6 months.

We know how effective it is. That confidence means the world for someone in my situation.

1HUDDLE is easy, fun and effective. It's a trainer's dream.

The Most Important 1%

"With pioneering programs like 1HUDDLE, we're strengthening prosperity for all our residents."
-Mayor Ras J. Baraka, City of Newark

At 1HUDDLE, we're helping get people ready to work. This is why our team has committed 1% of our working time to initiatives that help under-served corners of our workforce.

Because of inequality or circumstance, it's a fact that too many aren't given access to the training they need to succeed.

From workforce centers in major U.S. cities to youth development organizations, we're fighting to make sure people get the training they deserve. Let's get to work.

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