May 20, 2021

Top 10 1Huddle Podcast Episodes to Binge This Summer

Dana Safa

Looking for the perfect new podcast to binge this summer?

Now that it’s almost summer, the weather is finally warming up which means long walks, road trips, and maybe even a return to the office commute. But all that traveling can get boring unless you have a fun, intriguing podcast featuring expert guests who can liven things up. 

If you’ve been listening to 1Huddle’s original podcast series Bring It In, then you’re probably already an expert on all things jobs, innovation, and future of work. But if you haven’t listened to it yet and want to catch up, then you’re in luck. 

We are about to wrap up Bring It In season two, and we have already heard from renowned CEOs, coaches, authors, educators, elected officials, entrepreneurs, athletes, and even a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient — and that’s just season two.

So far, there are 40+ episodes of Bring It In available for you to binge. But if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve rounded up the top 10 Bring It In for you to catch up on this summer:

1. Episode #13: Dr. Shereef Elnahal — President and CEO of University Hospital, former New Jersey Health Commissioner, and Obama Appointee
Listen to Episode #13 with Dr. Shereef Elnahal

Dr. Elnahal has been leading New Jersey’s only publicly-owned hospital during the pandemic, which has given him a unique perspective on how to conduct yourself as a leader during times of crisis while successfully adapting and working through all the challenges our frontline workers and healthcare professionals have had to overcome during COVID-19. 

Before he became University Hospital’s CEO, Dr. Elnahal served as New Jersey’s 21st Commissioner of Health in the administration of Governor Phil Murphy and was appointed by President Barack Obama as a White House Fellow to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Dr. Elnahal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biophysics from Johns Hopkins and a Doctor of Medicine from Harvard Medical School. On this episode of Bring It In season one, Dr. Elnahal and 1Huddle’s CEO and Founder Sam Caucci talked about everything from what it truly means to be a leader during a crisis to the importance of leading with vulnerability.

2. Episode #25: Nancy Lieberman aka “Lady Magic” — Hall of Famer and former WNBA player and NBA Coach
Listen to Episode #25 with Nancy Lieberman

Nancy Lieberman is a former professional basketball player and NBA coach who’s widely known as one of the all-time greatest figures in American basketball. She has made history for breaking records and barriers all over the place, including becoming the first-ever woman coach in a professional men’s sports league and the second female assistant coach in NBA history, getting elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1996, and being named to three All-American teams while winning back-to-back National Championships.

She continues to do great work today as a broadcaster for the Oklahoma City Thunder and as the head coach of Power, the BIG3 team that won the 2018 Championship. In this episode of Bring It In season two, Nancy and Sam discuss mindset and the importance of teamwork.

3. Episode #34: Arshay Cooper — Author and protagonist of A Most Beautiful Thing and captain of America’s first All-Black rowing team‬
Listen to Episode #34 with Arshay Cooper

Arshay Cooper is a rower, Benjamin Franklin award-winning author, and the protagonist of the critically acclaimed documentary A Most Beautiful Thing that’s narrated by the Academy-Award and Grammy-winning artist, Common. Arshay is also a Golden Oar recipient for his contributions to the sport of rowing, a motivational speaker, and an activist focused on issues of accessibility for low-income families. In high school, Arshay became the captain of the first all-black high school rowing team in the United States. He and his teammates experienced racism and discrimination in their community while playing an almost all-white sport, and this experience ultimately transformed Arshay’s life. Now, Arshay works with the George Pocock Rowing Foundation and A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund to bring rowing to under-resourced communities. On this episode of Bring It In season two, Arshay and Sam talked about everything from whether the talent shortage is really not a talent shortage at all — but an access shortage, to what winning truly means.

4. Episode #7: Peter C. Brown — Author of “Make it Stick”
Listen to Episode #7 with Peter C. Brown

Peter Brown is the author of the bestselling book Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning, which revolutionized the way we think about learning. His book has so many valuable lessons about learning and memory that you can put into practice right away. Sam sat down with Peter to find out how a retired management consultant came together with some of the world’s leading cognitive scientists to write one of the most groundbreaking books about learning that’s ever been written.

On this episode of Bring It In season one, Peter and Sam talked about some really impactful topics including what managers get wrong when onboarding new employees, why struggle is critical to memory, and why learning how to learn is an important life skill all of us need to adopt early on.

5. Episode #28: Donna Shalala — Former Congresswoman, HHS Secretary, University President and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient
Listen to Episode #28 with Dr. Donna Shalala

Dr. Donna Shalala is a highly renowned educator and politician who is known as one of the most honored academics of our generation and who has been described by the Washington Post as “one of the most successful government managers of modern times.” Dr. Shalala served as the Secretary of Health and Human Services for eight years, becoming the longest-serving HHS Secretary in U.S. history. During those eight years, Dr. Shalala directed the government’s welfare reform process, made health insurance available to more than 2.5 million children, raised child vaccination rates to the highest levels in history, and made so many other strides toward creating lasting progress that she was awarded the highest honor any American can receive—the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She then went on to serve in Congress, where she represented Florida’s 27th Congressional

She’s been the president of both a private and public university—first, she was the president of Hunter College, and later she served as President of the University of Miami. She was also the chancellor of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, which made her the first woman to lead a Big Ten Conference school, and only the second woman in the country to head a major research university. She was even President of the Clinton Foundation. In this episode of Bring It In season two, Donna and Sam talked about everything from why the process is so important to how we can make education more equitable and effective.

6. Episode #38: Tom Sterner — Bestselling author of The Practicing Mind and CEO of The Practicing Mind Institute
Listen to Episode #38 with Tom Sterner

Tom Sterner is the founder and CEO of “The Practicing Mind Institute: Teaching the Power of the Present Moment,” and he authored the popular book The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life on the same topic. Before founding The Practicing Mind Institute, Tom served as the Chief Concert Piano Technician for a major performing arts center where he prepared instruments for the world’s most demanding performances. During his 25 year tenure as a technician, Tom personally worked for industry giants like Pavarotti and Fleetwood Mac
When Sam sat down with Tom, they talked about everything from what it really means to operate at our highest levels to how we can make better, more effective goals that enable us to practice to our fullest potential.

7. Episode #35: Julie Lythcott-Haims — Award-winning Author, TED Speaker, Activist
Listen to Episode #35 with Julie Lythcott-Haims

Julie Lythcott-Haims is the author of the New York Times best-selling book How to Raise an Adult. Before becoming an acclaimed author, Julie was Stanford’s Dean of Freshmen. At Stanford, Julie was known for advocating on behalf of her students and for her fierce critique of parental involvement in the day-to-day lives of college students. Julie started writing about the harm of helicopter parenting, which gave way to her book How to Raise an Adult and her popular TedTalk on overparenting.

However, before you can raise an adult, you have to know how to become one. Julie’s new book, Your Turn: How to Be an Adult was released on April 6, 2021. When Sam sat down with Julie, they talked about everything from why successful adults have to adopt a growth mindset to how we can lead by example and create companies and cultures people will be excited to work for.

8. Episode #14: Senator Bob Kerrey — Former Nebraska Senator, Governor, and Medal of Honor Recipient
Listen to Episode #14 with Senator Bob Kerrey

Senator Kerrey served as the Governor of Nebraska and as the United States Senator from Nebraska for more than a decade. Before embarking on his career in politics, Senator Kerrey was a Navy SEAL officer in the Vietnam War, where he was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in combat. Now, he sits on the board at Issue One, a nonprofit focused on campaign finance reform and getting big money out of politics. He was also president of The New School, a university in New York City.

When Sam talked with Senator Kerrey at Compete 2020, they talked about everything from how the government can create a worker-first infrastructure to help everyone succeed in the future of work to what needs to change to make higher education better serve the future workforce.

9. Episode #36: Jeff Williams and Dave Wylie — Strategos Consulting, U.S. Navy SEALs, and Special Warfare Leaders on the Future of Training
Listen to Episode #36 with Jeff Williams and Dave Wylie

Jeff Williams and Dave Wylie are former Navy veterans who now serve in senior leadership roles at Strategos Consulting, a management consulting firm that specializes in serving senior executives in the defense, aerospace, and homeland security sectors. They provide the full range of management consulting services — from strategic planning to market analysis and access. Jeff is the president and CEO of Strategos, and Dave is the Vice President of Training Services. They’re focused on identifying and bringing their clients technological solutions to mitigate vulnerabilities in these highly distinctive sectors.

When Sam sat down with Jeff and Dave, they talked about everything from why we need to continuously develop our people to how training is what helped Jeff become a prepared and courageous Navy SEAL.

10. Episode #32: Jen Welter — First Female Coach in the NFL & Madden, 2x IFAF Gold Medalist
Listen to Episode #32 with Jen Welter

Coach Jen Welter is the NFL’s first female coach in the NFL who has spent her life breaking barriers and shattering norms in the sports world and beyond. Coach Jen is best known for being the first woman to coach in a men’s professional football league. She’s also the second woman to play on a men’s professional football team, and the first-ever female running back. Following her time in the NFL, Coach Jen became the Head Coach of the first Australian Women’s National Team fielded in July 2017, and she wrote her first book Play Big, Lessons in Living Limitless from the First Woman to Coach in the NFL.”

In addition to being a sports legend, Coach Jen is also a powerful advocate for gender equity both on and off the field. She founded Grrrridiron Girls flag football camps to not only give girls the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of flag football, but to immerse the next generation of women in Jen’s wave of empowerment, self-confidence, and sisterhood. Coach Jen has truly done it all; she has two Gold Medals with Team USA, four World Championship wins, and eight All-Star selections. She’s also an accomplished scholar who holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Masters in Sport Psychology. 

When Coach Jen sat down with Sam, they talked about what was going through her head as she was breaking through barriers and why being a truly successful coach all comes down to communication.

These are just 10 of our favorite Bring It In episodes to get you started on your summer podcast binge, but if you want to check out all 40+ episodes, head to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts to listen to the full series. You can also find full episode transcriptions and the top highlights from Bring It In on 1Huddle’s website.
Do you have a favorite episode of Bring It In? Let us know by emailing and we will send you an exclusive sneak peek of our next episode before it airs live!

Dana Safa, Manager of Digital Marketing at 1Huddle

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