May 15, 2021

How Employee Training Software Has Evolved

Sam Caucci

employee training software

Long gone are the days of recording employee training with pen & paper. Even the age of desktop training is on its way out the door. Today, training is multifaceted, utilizing apps, games, and various multimedia to achieve optimal development. 

Want to see how employee training software has evolved over time? Then check the list below to see how employee training software of today (such as gamifying the employee training process) to benefit you and your team. 

The Evolution of Employee Training Software

Way back in the day skilled tradesmen would train their apprentices by throwing them in the ring and having them learn on the job while working for them. Then, when the industrial age came upon us and the global workforce exploded we were introduced to manuals, training videos and eventually it moved onto the computer in the 60s and computer-based training was born. 

Nowadays, educational technology is everywhere. It is commonly abbreviated to EduTech or EdTech. The use of e-learning is used by companies everywhere to help them deliver mandatory compliance training and updates, soft skills and IT skills training, continuing professional development (CPD) and any other valuable workplace skills. 

Companies who have distribution chains that are far reaching use e-learning for delivering vital information about the latest product developments. One of the biggest challenges that employee training software faces is being engaging to the staff. It is especially difficult during compliance training, where periodic staff training is mandated by the law. 

The Benefits of Modern Employee Training Software

In the modern age, employers and software engineers have worked together to address the problems associated with traditional training methods. Sales training classes and reading through manuals just isn’t cutting it anymore. The research shows that a majority of sales training does not leave the lasting impression it was intended to. Did you know that 70% of what employees learn in a live training session or Zoom call is forgotten in just three days? If that doesn’t shock you into improving your choices when it comes to training, then keep on reading to learn about the benefits of modern day employee training software.

1. Reduce Training Time & Cut Back Costs

In-person training can be costly when you factor in the costs of travel and instruction. Now multiply that over the course of just a year and the expense becomes exponential, especially if you need to conduct training in an offsite location.

On the other hand, when you utilize employee training software like 1Huddle, you can use it locally and repeatedly for each of your employees no matter what training level they are at. Our highly customizable software allows you to use 1Huddle for onboarding, upskilling, and firing up teams.

2. Increase Employee Engagement

Traditional employee engagement has one huge, glaring problem: it’s completely unengaging and often inspires negative emotions. These old methods are one-dimensional and provide no meaningful interactions between teacher and student. 

An e-learning environment using gamification is designed to create employee engaged training. With the use of leaderboards, points, badges and trophies, these help to keep your employees active and stimulated while they learn. This is a great way to create some healthy competition in the office, which helps to stimulate interest and encourage positive interactions between coworkers. 

3. Retain Your Employees

You know that investing in your employees is the number one way to increase their satisfaction and retention. Employee training positions them as leaders and as a result they become more invested in their own skills, the more likely they will progress within your company. 

The benefits of employee retention are tenfold:

  • Builds more loyalty with your staff who are excited to come to work each day, and are dedicated to the good of the company.
  • Positions you as a thought leader in your industry and your company is seen as a dynamic learning environment. 
  • Increases in the expertise of staff reduces the need for expensive onboarding and external hiring, and much more.

Why Should I Use Employee Training Software?

e-Learning is an affordable and powerful way to continue the education of your employees. At 1Huddle, we offer cloud-based employee training software where you can easily upload and customize your training content for a seamless training experience. All of your employees will have the ability to access their training anywhere, anytime, and at the push of a button. This helps make training engaging and kept up-to-date. You can use our game platform to measure their performance and make key decisions on where you should take your training next. 

Do you want to learn more about how 1Huddle can help you level up your own workforce? Start your free trial of 1Huddle today.

Sam Caucci, Founder & CEO at 1Huddle

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