June 30, 2022

Game-based Communication Keeps Your Workforce Competitive

Sam Caucci

Employee communicating through app

Game-based learning for employee communication beats the forgetting curve and info overload, helping your workforce stay up-to-date and competitive.

Traditional Methods of Employee Communication

Most companies rely on traditional methods of getting critical information to their employees. Intranets, FAQs, and emails are considered reliable methods to get the word out to your teams. But do your teams read the news? Do they retain the information? Do they change their behaviors to accommodate the new information?

We live in a time where information is coming incredibly fast. The daily data generation is reaching a landslide level. New data is coming at such a pace that only a tiny percentage of all that data, those videos, that content is ever viewed or analyzed. Trying to take in new information is exhausting. Eighteen percent of employees suffer from information overload.

Email statistics are also bad news. Thirty percent of employees surveyed admit to not reading emails from their employers. 

Some of these emails may include critical safety or compliance information. Others may consist of new product data, a shift in market or focus, or hours change. Even if not life-threatening, the information needs to be read and understood.

Statistics for employee intranet use are even worse. Intranets are internal websites that contain all the up-to-date information an employee needs to do their job well. These are expensive propositions that take months to develop and are updated continuously. Intranets represent a significant employer investment. But only 13% of employees are using company intranets daily. 

Only a percentage of employees read the information supplied by their employers. And then? The forgetting curve kicks in: Over 50% of new information is forgotten the next day. So, in the example of an intra-company email blast, only 70% of employees read the email and about half of what they learn is lost within twenty-four hours.

This result isn’t an acceptable outcome for necessary communications.

We Need to Keep Up

We know we need an edge in constantly changing business environments. Industries from insurance to travel to graphic design are already disrupted, with more changes coming. Security, education, and entertainment industries (among others) are set to change dramatically because of changing social norms and technological advancements. 

Employees need to know what’s happening. They need to learn new information so they act upon it. How do you attract employees to engage with your latest information? 

How about a fun method, something they’d use every day? How about a technique that not only teaches but also reviews information regularly to maximize retention rates?

The Solution: Employee Engagement Games

How about the 1Huddle solution? Emails are boring. Employee engagement games are fun. With 1Huddle, any topic can be turned into an excellent trivia game — from books to seminars to emails. 

Turn that breaking information into a game, and more of your employees will engage and learn, with a 74% retention rate. Research shows employees retain info better by playing quick-burst games. If you throw in a leaderboard, your team members are challenged to play consistently.

1Huddle ensures employees are more likely exposed to your critical info. They’re more likely to learn it and learn it faster. And they’re more likely to retain it over time.

The Management Side of Communications

1Huddle apps also have a management dashboard to help you and your leadership team ensure the message is getting through. 

The app reports on usage and achievements. You can identify who is falling through the cracks in staying up-to-date. The app can identify employee knowledge gaps, allowing management to intervene when necessary. 

1Huddle is a critical tool for keeping your workforce informed from a management perspective. With that info, your teams will work together effectively toward success. It’s a win-win. 

Contact us now to book a demo to see how 1Huddle uses game-based learning to transform employee communications.

Sam Caucci Founder & CEO at 1Huddle